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The State Fair on Film

Credit: Nate Ryan / MPR

While digital photography has the upper-hand in quality and ease, there is still something magical about film and how it can influence your photos knowing you only 36 shots on the roll.

Sometimes in photography using a different process or camera can help you to look at something a little differently and find something new. This year at the State Fair I’ve been carrying an old little Rollei 35 film camera (last photo) in addition to my DSLR. Rather than focusing on capturing the performances, I wanted to capture some of the backstage moments before and after the sessions. While I could have shot these photos on my DSLR, dedicating the little film camera to candids helped ensure I wouldn’t let some of these moments slip by. The Rollei 35 is a little quirky to shoot with, focus and exposures are just educated guesses, but the small size is great an keeps it from being the intimidating presence that a larger camera can be.

JD’s saxophone player, JD McPherson and Jimmy Sutton


Mary Lucia in the MPR booth at the Fair


JD McPherson and his band “backstage” at the MPR booth.


Sax case

JD McPherson bassist and music director Jimmy Sutton.

Chastity Brown

Dawes’ gear

Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes

Dawes session

Tay Strathairn, Wylie Gelber, Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes

Mary Lucia goes over her notes

XLR cables


AnderOTHER and P.O.S.

Rollei 35

All photos MPR / Nate Ryan.