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Local Radar: Chippewa Valley Edition

Local Radar highlights bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current. This week, we’re on the road to the Chippewa Valley talking about bands that we’ll be featuring on the Local Show this Sunday night.

Adelyn Rose
When we posted a call for submissions to The Local Show’s Eau Claire edition this weekend, Adelyn Rose was one of the first to hop into action and send some tunes over. Then I started getting message after message from residents of the Chippewa Valley recommending the band as an act to include, and figured this must be something we need to investigate further.

I plopped “It Means Shadow” into iTunes and was immediately floored. It’s a demo from their new tour EP, and the cut seriously soars thanks to Adelyn Strei’s voice, which sounds like Molly Hamilton of the criminally underrated Captured Tracks band Widowspeak. It’s a simple set-up but it strikes a chord immediately, especially when the break-down happens about two-and-a-half minutes in and we get some wonderful chord progressions.

I could get continue my lovey-dovey adoration of this act, but I’ll spare you this go-around. They’ll open The Local Show Sunday night, you can hear David Campbell talk about them on MPR’s Morning Edition on Friday, and they’ll be The Current’s song of the day tomorrow as well. They’ve played in the Twin Cities a few times now, and you’ll be able to catch them October 20 at the Hexagon after they wrap up a tour that will take them from Wisconsin to Maine and Missouri and back home again.

Stream: Adelyn Rose – “It Means Shadowfrom Tour EP 2012


When you think of Eau Claire music, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t necessarily a thriving electronic pocket. Maybe Sloslylove is single-handedly changing that; I wouldn’t know – we didn’t receive many submissions in that style. Sloslylove didn’t send over anything either, but we played his Can’t Get Enough EP on Local Current for a while at the tailend of 2011 and it’s one definitely worthy of highlighting for this Local Show edition.

Feng Meng Vue’s been doing his thing since 2005 when he attended Memorial High. It’s like the sounds of Gigamesh and Elite Gymnastics have been smashed together, and really it’s just pure, fun music. Vue has thought these songs out; it feels and sounds like every element is clicking. The samples are well-chosen and I’m surprised he hasn’t ended up on all those mixtapes that the tastemaker blogs put together.

He recently dropped a new digital/cassette release on his Bandcamp called Tendencies. We may be seeing more of him around the Twin Cities; Vue has recently started a new project in Minneapolis called Vandaam.

Stream: Sloslylove – “Give You My Love” from Can’t Get Enough EP

Wisconsin Built
And no retrospective of a city’s music scene would be complete (at least in my book) without one of those characteristic lo-fi bands. Thanks to a listener suggestion for passing on Wisconsin Built, a duo comprised of Eric Charles Christenson and Thom Fountain, who released their Rest Less EP at the beginning of the year.

I was attracted to this first by the album artwork which reminds me of Woods’ Songs Of Shame. And naturally, it’s a very naturalistic piece of work. Slightly tribal and feeling like it was composed around a campfire in the woods, “Boxes and Time” really helps encapsulate the great diversity of the Chippewa Valley music community. The EP is available on their Bandcamp now in addition to a few other releases.

Stream: Wisconsin Built – “Boxes and Time” from Rest Less EP