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Local Radar: Early Alan Younger, Vats and The Chalice

Local Radar highlights bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

It has been a little while since we’ve rounded up some new songs on the Local Radar, folks. Let’s dive i:

Early Alan Younger
As with many of the best local releases that have come our way this fall, Early Alan Younger sent over a copy of his Hotcake Waltz EP without a tracklisting, in just a sleeve and a sparse one-sheet. That’s one reason why I picked it out of my stack first, as it was reminiscent of a submission that Deepest Bison sent over months back (and subsequently became one of my favorite debuts of the year). Early Alan Younger recorded this EP with the always talented Neil Weir over at Old Blackberry Way and Dave Gardner of Magneto. It’s pretty solitary folk, rock which fits the change of seasons perfectly. But there’s also some solid “pop” hooks hinging it all together; it’s always fun to hear this genre get reinvented in some way. You know how it goes: there always seems to be a little too much folk rock in the Midwest that doesn’t quite stand out. But Early Alan Younger seems to have no interest in appeasing the masses with easy listening. What we have here instead is moody, early Luke Temple vibes.

The guy is humble for sure. His one-sheet lists some of the “crappy bands” he’s been a part of as well as the great reviews this EP has gotten by just the “three people who have noticed it.” The other players: Aaron LeMay of Diver Dress and Mark Mallman on drums and Tony Najm (formerly of the Alarmists) on bass lend soft flourishes that don’t overshadow the guitar work. It’s a solid release, and one of three EPs planned for the future.

Stream: Early Alan Younger – “Good Friendfrom The Hotcake Waltz EP

I seem to have a running streak with including musicians in the Local Radar that I can hardly find information about. So let’s keep that pattern churning with a new one from Vats, previously known as Panda Teeth. This 4-1/2 minute instrumental piece is slow burning piece of psychedelia. I love repetitive rhythms, especially ones which build to glorious levels, and Vats has that charm nailed down. This split 7″ with Maymok is a good one — their wax partner shouldn’t be ignored either. And with only one live date listed on Bandcamp, that of the awesome Rubber Gloves space in Denton (North Texas represent), I hope that we Twin Citians will get more chances to see Vats around town. As always, if you’ve got more information, feel free to send it over.

Stream: Vats – “From Drums” from Vats/Maymok Tour Split 7″

The Chalice

We’ve long been awaiting the debut EP from The Chalice and now there’s news on its impending arrival. After months of working on songs first premiered on The Local Show back in June, Sophia Eris, Claire De Lune and Lizzo will release their We Are The Chalice EP September 28 at the 7th St. Entry. The Current’s own Barb Abney will host the event with A. Wolf And Her Claws, La Manchita and DJ Audio Perm in support. The EP has a few other tracks besides the two we’ve been playing, “Push It” and “Mama.” The one available for preview below is “Double Dutch,” a cut that features strong production by Prophis, the guy who also helmed “Push It.”

The characteristic interplay between the three women is still there, whip-smart as ever. This was one of the strongest performances at our first installment of Local Current Live, and we’re curious to hear what else is in store both for the group and their solo endeavors.

Stream: The Chalice – “Double Dutch” from We Are The Chalice EP