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Paul Westerberg debuts new track ‘My Road Now’

It’s been a big week for Minnesota music icons re-emerging out of the blue with new material. First we were treated to a new, surprisingly likeable jam from Prince, “RNR Affair,” and today we were directed to local blog I Will Dare for a download of Paul Westerberg’s new “My Road Now.”

The song features the Replacements bandleader solo at the piano, and is a much more straightforward recording than the lo-fi rock on his most recent digital offerings like 49:00 and PW & The Ghost Gloves Cat Wing Joy Boys. It’s the first solo track Westerberg has released since 2009, and is part of an ongoing series of music he’s recorded in his basement and casually distributed on the web. 

As “My Road Now” winds down, scoffing to himself and saying, “Got through that one.” Could that mean that it is only one of a larger pool of recordings he’s made recently? We can only hope.

I Will Dare blogger Jodi Chromey tweeted that she received the track out of the blue this morning from Westerberg’s manager, along with permission to post it on her site.

What do you think of the new song? Could there be more Westerberg in our future?