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Song of the Day: Meme

Meme landed on our desks like any other local music submission. It’s surprising though that we had never heard of the band before, considering their music has had placements across numerous television shows like Gossip Girl and Jersey Shore. Even if those programs are enough to make you disregard any related component, the soundtracks are usually a great mix of top 40 and indie cross-over. To hear a band like Meme in that same talent pool — an act that locally hasn’t hit the radar just yet — is a surprising and awesome feat for such a young duo.

Granted, Danny Burke and Lizzie Brown are no newcomers to songwriting, and both have been producing music for years in some capacity. But this is really their first project to get substantial focus, and their latest record Young needs to get the spotlight shown on it fast. Immaculately produced, everything soars on the release, especially with Brown’s vocal range, aided by Burke’s production prowess. Between this and Bora York, both in the vein of a dream and synth pop surge, I’d be surprised if this style doesn’t get a lot more focus in the Twin Cities in the coming months.

Moody, atmospheric, even slightly dubby (at least in a non-traditional sense), Meme joins a list of acts this year putting out extremely good albums that will inevitably gain a sizable audience after being shaded in the dark for a little while.  

The full album is available for purchase at the band’s Bandcamp.

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