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The Local Show goes on the road to Eau Claire

Credit: Nate Ryan/MPR

When you think of The Local Show, you obviously are inclined to think about the music of Minnesota. But a few months back, the crew got an idea that we felt was worth exploring. Just how far does the term “local” extend? Perhaps we can travel a little further on I-94 past the state border to the town of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It’s a city that has spawned a multitude of musicians who have worked or currently work in the state of 10,000 lakes, as well as a place that has exported its fair share of acts to other parts of the United States.

On September 23, The Local Show is going on the road, and we’ll dedicate two hours of music to the Eau Claire musician (which we’ll extend to include all of Eau Claire county). During the first hour of the show, Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, will spin many of his favorite acts from the region. And during hour two, The Daredevil Christopher Wright will perform in The Current studios.

However, just like with our “back-to-school” show we did two weeks back, we’re not full-fledged experts on the music coming out of this special place in Wisconsin. So we’re opening up our inboxes to submissions from bands who reside in Eau Claire county.

The submission deadline has passed. Thanks to all who sent over their music!