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Friday Five: Lifter Puller on the Jenny Jones Show, P.O.S. Gets Down, more

Yes, it officially happened this week: It snowed, and we didn’t die. As the hours grow shorter and the air turns colder, here are a handful of Minnesota-reared artists here to remind you why we inhabit this unforgiving tundra year-round. And don’t forget to get out to see a show or two this weekend. It’ll warm you right up.

1. P.O.S. doesn’t want to think about it

What better song to soundtrack this day as we count down the hours to P.O.S.’s sold-out CD-release show? All of my thoughts about Stef Alexander and his momentous new album have already been written, so tonight I’m putting away the paper and pen in favor of getting down.


2. Lifter Puller played the Jenny Jones show?

Here’s your daily dose of random, courtesy of Craig Finn’s Twitter account: Did you know Lifter Puller were the musical guest on the Jenny Jones show back in 1999? How… why… I have no idea. Just watch, and enjoy the fact that Craig has always looked exactly the same.


3. Mallman and his dirty dishes

Mark Mallman is currently on tour supporting his new full-length Double Silhouette. If you missed it, he’s also publishing a vivid and occasionally disturbing tour diary on the blog this fall.


4. Inukshuk Pass takes us through the light rail corridor

In a cool collaboration between the City of St. Paul and Springboard for the Arts, singer-songwriter Patti Ryan and her band Inukshuk Pass created a video with photographer Stefanie Berres that highlights the businesses and neighbors affected by the construction of the Central Corridor light rail line. Ryan’s new song, “Strong Convictions,” has a positive message as well. “Maybe with all of the ugly campaigning going on right now, some of your audience would like to participate in a campaign for love,” she writes. Sign me up.


5. Electrolic send a Hello, Hello from California

Two Minnesota natives, Scott Gagner and Steve Enstad, have recently found themselves making music together in northern California. They just shipped their debut video over to me today and, being the sucker for power-pop that I am, I can’t help but love it. Find more on their SoundCloud page.