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Friday Five: More Than Lights, Alex Frecon, Mike Mictlan, more

Am I the only person in Minnesota who LOVES this weather right now? This is hayride weather. Flannel scarf weather. Steaming hot apple cider weather. Here are a handful of fresh videos and hot jams that are about as random and unpredictable as the fluctuating temperature in the Twin Cities:

1. More Than Lights celebrate Sights and Sounds

We have a huge weekend of local music ahead of us, with three separate acts holding down two-night stands at venues around town. One of those groups, More Than Lights, will celebrate their new album Sights and Sounds with shows both tonight and tomorrow night at the Cabooze; sample the album’s title track here.

2. Meme go forever and ever

The last time we checked in with Meme, producer Danny Burke and singer Lizzie Brown had just released their debut full-length (including a track that was featured as The Current’s Song of the Day last week). They’ve continued to create a series of stop-motion animated videos packed with surreal imagery to accompany these new songs, including this one for their track “Forever and Ever.” Beautiful.


3. Alex Frecon asks the big questions

Many of us — especially those of us in creative fields — struggle with knowing whether to keep pushing forward, wondering whether we’re making even the tiniest dent on what’s happening out there in the world. It’s a feeling that was summarized aptly in Brother Ali’s “Writer’s Block” earlier this year, and it’s a vibe that pulses through this new track by burgeoning rapper Alex Frecon. Though the track is called “San Fran,” the video actually finds him wandering through the streets of downtown Minneapolis.


4. Mike Mictlan’s friend finds some SNAXXX

I don’t know quite how to put this, so I’m just going to say it. This new video from Mike Mictlan, which features a track off his new mixtape SNAXXX, depicts a woman pulling and endless supply of, um, junk food out of Mictlan’s pants. So, you’ve been warned! Or something.


5. Sicko Pervs get in the Halloween spirit

I’ve got another curveball to throw at you today, this time in the form of an Auto-Tuned electro jam set to footage of little kids trick-or-treating and a man in a creepy mask having a one-dude glow stick dance party/bubble bath. Happy Halloween! (Click the image or here to go to the video, embedding is disabled.)