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Friday Five: Solid Gold, Strange Names, Lucy Michelle, and more

As with every Friday, I have a handful of fresh notes and videos to share with you today. It’s been a busy fall so far, and we’ve talked a lot this week about the latest developments happening in hip-hop; below, find some updates from the rock, folk, and blues worlds.

1. Solid Gold prep new release Eat Your Young

Next week is going to be insane, album-release wise. P.O.S., Solid Gold, and recent Picked to Click finalists Wiping Out Thousands all have albums out and release shows on the horizon. We’ve heard a lot about P.O.S. and Wiping Out Thousand’s release shows lately, but I want to point out one that hasn’t gotten quite as much attention: Solid Gold are hosting a private, after-hours show for 200 fans this Tuesday night at the Minneapolis Electric Fetus. Want in? Stop into the Fetus this weekend and pre-order a copy of Eat Your Young.


2. Strange Names have a “Strange Revelation”

Speaking of Picked to Click finalists, Strange Names recently sent over a new music video from their debut EP, and they say they filmed the whole thing on Liam Benzvi’s iPhone. Technology!


3. Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles come “Undone”

There’s something very Huck Finn-meets-Swiss Family Robinson about this new video from Lucy Michelle, which features all the members of her ever-expanding backing band.


4. Typsy Panthre battle the daleks

I’ve been itching to hear more from Typsy Panthre for the majority of this year; for the unfamiliar, the group is a collaboration between Allison LaBonne (The Owls, Starfolk) and John Crozier, and they’ll have a long-awaited LP out soon on the new Korda Records.


5. Crankshaft throws a barn party

With a new album on the way in early 2013, blues band Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders rounded up a few dozen of their closest friends to film a video in one of the most stylish barns I’ve ever seen; “Earthquake Shake” is a track off their forthcoming What You Gonna Do.