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Friday Five: The Cactus Blossoms, Rogue Valley, and Ecid

We did it. We kept the dream alive for another week, and it’s about time to put our dancing shoes on and head out to the clubs to see some live music. Here’s a handful of jams and new videos to get you careening into that weekend with a smile:

1. Rogue Valley do Caravan du Nord

The Current has been sending bands all over the state this fall to help expose outstate fans to popular Twin Cities artists. Last weekend, Rogue Valley went up to Grand Rapids with Halloween, Alaska, an experience you can relive in the clip below.

2. The Cactus Blossoms have a country candle party

I found this one while stumbling around on YouTube; it’s a clip from an intimate, candlelit Cactus Blossoms show in Northfield last week that I’m now retroactively jealous about. I can’t think of a better setting for drinking in that pedal steel.


3. Ecid goes high

Just try not to get this beat stuck in your head. JUST TRY.


4. Heartbeats release new split 7″

In anticipation of tonight’s show in First Avenue’s Mainroom, Heartbeats and the 4onthefloor have teamed up to release a pair of new songs on a split 7″. Hear Heartbeats’ contribution, “Ocean Green,” here. Catch ’em live opening for the 4onthefloor along with Retribution Gospel Choir and Filligar this evening.


5. The Prizefighters keep the ska spirit alive

Did you know the Twin Cities was home to a bustling ska scene? Leading the pack is this band, the Prizefighters, who have a run of dates planned throughout the fall. See them next at the Belmore (which is opening this Sunday night in the old City Billiards space) on October 22.