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Premiere: Mixed Blood Majority, a new project from Lazerbeak, Crescent Moon, and Joe Horton

Credit: Publicity photo

New music today comes courtesy of Mixed Blood Majority, a new trio that was formed over the summer that comprises beatmaker Lazerbeak and hip-hop artists Crescent Moon (of Kill the Vultures) and Joe Horton (No Bird Sing).

Horton and Crescent Moon have been working diligently to perforate some of the borders that separate our many micro-communities of hip-hop artists here in the Twin Cities and open the door to new collaborations and possibilities, and Mixed Blood Majority is a natural progression of the work they’ve been doing in their new collective F to I to X. Lazerbeak, on the other hand, is one of the most prominent producers in the scene and has proven himself to be a fount of inspiration lately (see his latest album, Legend Recognize Legend, and his inspired work on P.O.S.’s We Don’t Even Live Here). It’s about time someone thought to get these three together in a studio.

Their first single, “Fine Print,” features Horton and Crescent Moon trading poetic, vivid verses about frustration, fatigue, and defiance while Lazerbeak lays down a brooding beat. It’s but a teaser of what’s to come from the group; a full-length release from Mixed Blood Majority is due out in January.

Stream it here:

And here’s the flyer for their first-ever show, which is happening next weekend at Icehouse: