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Premiere: New Solid Gold, ‘Eat Your Young’

It’s a huge week for album releases here in the Twin Cities, as P.O.S. drops his We Don’t Even Live Here today and both Wiping Out Thousands and Solid Gold issue new full-lengths tomorrow.

Solid Gold’s album, in particular, has been a long time coming, and will be the first LP from the group since their 2008 breakout Bodies of Water; that album helped them make an impression on listeners nationally and gain enough of a following here in town that they could routinely headline venues like the Varsity Theater and First Avenue.

The long pause between releases is understandable, however, as both Zack Coulter and Adam Hurlburt were at the core of the Gayngs recording project that eventually toured the entire U.S. The influence of working on Gayngs is evident on Solid Gold’s new Eat Your Young, an album that Barb Abney notes is more of a headphone record than a collection of dance jams, and each song unfurls in a series of atmospheric layers and electronic nuances.

My favorite track shares its name with the title of the album, and I’m happy to help the band debut it here today. On the recorded version you can hear Poliça’s Drew Christopherson laying down a hip-hop drum beat that becomes the backbone of the song; live, that effect will be reproduced by their new drummer, Jeremy Hanson of Tapes ‘n Tapes.

You can catch Solid Gold with Jeremy Hanson on drums and his brother, Jake Hanson, adding harmonies and extra layers of guitar tomorrow night when they’ll play an in-studio at the Electric Fetus. The event is being held after-hours, so you’ve gotta pre-order a copy of the new record to be admitted. All the info on the gig is on the Fetus’s site.