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Friday Five: Free Energy, Guante and Big Cats!, Dark Dark Dark, more

I had a hard time narrowing it down to just five items to feature this week — which, granted, is a good problem to have — so I may have to tack a few stragglers on to the end of my post this time around. Here’s a look at a handful of the coolest videos and other little tidbits floating around the Minnesota music scene this week:

1. Free Energy turn it up

Hey, these guys! Though they’re technically based in Philly, this band of mostly Minnesota natives maintains their largest fanbase back at home. They’re getting ready to self-release their next album, Love Sign, on January 15, and take a very OK Go approach in this new video for single “Electric Fever.” Watch as they get pummelled with water, paint, mysterious powders:

2. Dark Dark Dark take a space walk

The piano-driven pop eloquence of Dark Dark Dark’s latest, Who Needs Who, and None Marie Invie’s evolving role as the band’s leading lady are conveyed powerfully in this video for “Tell Me,” directed by Isaac Gale. In an unrelated note, I’ve suddenly found myself searching online for the best place to acquire an astronaut helmet and riding jacket.

3. Guante and Big Cats! weaponize

There are too many memorable lines to count in this track off Guante and Big Cats! forthcoming You Better Weaponize, but my favorite of the moment just might be this: “The soundtrack to your life should not be background music.” Their new album captures Guante at his best as he delivers powerful cultural and sociopolitical theses with a blazing clarity, and it serves as excellent companion piece to P.O.S and Brother Ali’s latest records. Appropriately, You Better Weaponize drops on Election Day.

4. All Eyes and all they want

And now for something completely different. Alicia Wiley’s new project, All Eyes, have emerged with their first music video, and the combination of apocolyptic imagery and moody shots of the band make for a fine accompaniment to their dark pop sound.

5. Rockford Mules bid adieu

With just one more show left on their calendar, Rockford Mules peace out with a final video: “Tulip, I Told You So,” an ode to falling in love with rock ‘n’ roll delivered by a longstanding band who are getting ready to hang up their hats. Bittersweet. 

BONUS VID, Pt. 1: It’d be a crime to overlook this new video from Big Quarters, “Americana,” a track off their forthcoming Somos No Joke EP.

And I can’t stop watching this clip of Nicholas David (who we know as Twin Cities funk and soul lover Nick “The Feelin” Mrozinski) advancing to the next round on NBC’s talent show The Voice. David is now in the top 20, and the live play-offs start this Monday.