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Friday Five: New Solid Gold, Ben Kyle, Nyteowl, more

Are you ready for the weekend? Have you studied the Local Gig List and planned out all of your concert-going options? Are you as antsy to leave work as I am? Should I just shut up and show you some new videos and songs? 

1. Solid Gold have a feast

This just in! Dinners with Solid Gold can get really, really weird.


2. Ben Kyle takes us into Slow Studio

“The Dark” has always been one of my favorite Romantica songs, so I was happy to see a reworked version included on Ben Kyle’s new solo album, which is being released nationally this month. Here, Red  23 Films captures Kyle and a few backing musicians — including Black Audience singer Jayanthi Kyle, his sister-in-law — performing the track at Slow Studio in Minneapolis.


3. Big Cats! remixed by Sims, MaLLy, Kristoff Krane and K.Raydio

This is a must-listen: Four hip-hop artists have put a new spin on the title track from the Big Cats! full-length For My Mother. Listen as singer K.Raydio and emcees MaLLy, Kristoff Krane, and Sims expand on what was already a great instrumental track:


4. Portage unveil stunning new video

I’ve been intrigued by Portage ever since seeing them play a rowdy, infectious set at the Duluth Homegrown Festival earlier this year. The band is led by Trent Waterman, who also has made a name for himself as a videographer with his North Shore Sessions series; this video finds him combining his sognwriting and filmmaking talents to dramatic effect.


5. Nyteowl and the ‘EZ Boy’

I’ve always enjoyed Nyteowl’s ability to combine glitchy, experiemental electro elements with accessible melodies, and this track is no exception. Side note: I really want to meet this Robert Jeffrey, the kid who dances throughout Nyteowl’s newest video.