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Make a Scene: New mixtape mashes together Minnesota hip-hop and indie rock

It’s not unusual for hip-hop and indie artists to share stages in the Twin Cities and even appear on the same compilations, but this week DJ Dimitry Killstorm and DJ Name are taking that cross-pollination a step further: They’ve smashed together eight hip-hop bangers with eight newer Minnesota indie jams for a free mixtape called Make a Scene.

“Being involved in many multi-genre shows, we have developed friendships with a few indie bands,” says Killstorm, who also works with DJ Name in the hip-hop group Wide Eyes. “After noticing a devision between the hip hoppers and the indie-heads we decided to find out what it would sound like if artists from both sides worked together. We made this project in hopes of connecting genres, highlighting some of their similarities, and showcasing our own creativity.”

Artists featured on the mix include Lizzo mashed together with Solid Gold, Atmosphere with Me & My Arrow, and Big Quarters with Jeremy Messersmith. Grab your copy and stream all eight tracks right here: