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Chris Mars’ latest short film, ‘In Hanford,’ to be screened at Sundance

Artist and musician Chris Mars, known to Minnesota music fans as a founding member and drummer for the Replacement, has spent much of his time since leaving the music industry crafting striking, surrealist imagery in both paintings and animated films. His most recent film, In Hanford, was completed last year and explores the real-life events that plagued Hanford, Washington during the cold war era; yesterday, Mars learned that his film was one of 10 animated shorts that will be screened at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance will take place January 17-27, 2013, and comes shortly after the film was selected to be screened at the Starz Denver International Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival. The film, which focuses on the environmental effects of a nuclear arms manufacturer and the victims who were impacted by the fallout, was directed, produced, written, scored, narrated and animated by Mars, with addition editing help from his wife, Sally Mars.

Watch a trailer for In Hanford here: