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Doomtree Day declared in Minneapolis

How does one celebrate Doomtree Day, exactly? By screaming the lyrics to “Bangarang” at innocent passersby? Applying a fresh coat of Dessa lipstick every half hour? Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak, who has enjoyed proclaiming days for esteemed Minnesota musicians like the Suicide Commandos and Trampled by Turtles in recent years, has just unfurled a fresh scroll and used his feather quill pen to decree this Friday, December 14, Doomtree Day in Minneapolis. He’ll be at the first of the three Doomtree Blowout nights in the Mainroom tomorrow, scroll in hand (just kidding, he probably doesn’t use scrolls, but it’d be sweet if he did so let’s just go with it), to read his proclamation to the crowd.

Friday and Saturday night’s Blowouts are already sold out, but there are still a few tickets left for Sunday’s all-ages gig.



Speaking of Dessa, MN Original have announced the air date for their first installment of The Lowertown Line, a new special that is filmed in front of a live studio audience, Austin City Limits style. The Lowertown Line will premiere on December 31 at 8:30 p.m. on tpt2 and will include performances by Trampled by Turtles and Alan Sparhawk of Low, with Dessa holding it down as host.

Dessa says she was thrilled to be invited to host the first episode. “I was on tour when MN Original series producer Ashleigh Rowe called me about hosting a new music special, and I jumped at the chance,” she says. “Parked in a Walgreens’ lot in Chicago, I chatted excitedly with the producers, gesturing like a crazy person.”

Once the pilot airs, MN Original will get to work filming more episodes of The Lowertown Line series. They’re expecting another installment to be ready by spring. [MN Original]



If you missed the big 12-12-12 benefit concert at Madison Square Garden last night, here’s a 30-second recap: Chris Martin dueted with Michael Stipe on an unforgettable version of “Losing My Religion,” the Rolling Stones rocked a truncated set that proved they’ve held up better than the Who, Springsteen upstaged Bon Jovi (twice!), Kanye performed a in a black leather kilt, and Jay-Z failed to appear for the awkward stage-crowding grand finale of Alicia Keys singing “Empire State of Mind.” The crowning moment? That much-buzzed-about Nirvana reunion, which featured Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear performing a new song with Sir Paul McCartney, who filled in for the late Kurt Cobain.

“When I first called Paul to see if he would come jam with us, none of us wanted to do a Beatles song or a Nirvana song,” Dave Grohl said afterwards. “We wanted to do a new song. so we wrote and recorded a new song in a day, and it’s heavy as f*ck.” You can hear 18 tantalizing seconds of the new Sirvana jam below, and low-quality bootleg versions are all over YouTube. “Cut Me Some Slack” will be officially be released as part of a soundtrack for the Dave Grohl-directed film Sound City.



Prince is featured in the Guardian again today, this time in a piece that asks Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard to list five reasons why the Purple One is “still king.” In it, Taylor explains the story behind Hot Chip’s 2004 track “Down With Prince,” which he says “was about all the people referencing Prince at that time. I didn’t like it because musically they were just copying him in such an exact way that it seemed to miss the point. Prince never copied anyone, he was always so original. That song had a very serious sentiment, but it was also quite light-hearted, too. I mean, you can’t really be angry with other people for liking Prince!” [The Guardian]