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Friday Five: New videos from Prof, Heiruspecs’ Felix, the Pinsch, more

Credit: Publicity photo

Happy Friday, party people! I have lots of goodies to share with you today, including videos that preview a pair of brand-new EPs that are going to sneak their way onto store shelves before the year is through. Happy holidays, and hope to see you out at the clubs.


1. Heiruspecs MC Felix steps out with a solo EP

There’s a lot to like about this new video from Felix, known to many as the lead MC of St. Paul hip-hop mainstays Heiruspecs. This new track, “Away From Here,” features guest vocals from Ashley Gold, and appears on Felix’s brand new solo EP, The Slow Cold. Felix says he’ll have copies of the EP available this Saturday night when Heiruspecs present their Holiday Classic show at Icehouse.


2. Prof does the “Moron”

I knew Prof could get down, but his dance moves in this new video are just plain mesmerizing. Also, that beat? Well done, Lazerbeak. Well done.


3. The Pinsch prepare for their debut

This video slipped past me when it came out last month, so I wanted to be sure to share it this week. The Pinsch’s debut EP, Inside Jokes for Outside People, will be out next week with a release show at the Triple Rock.


4. All Eyes get the Dan Huiting treatment

‘I love getting to make trippy TV for PBS!” filmmaker Dan Huiting posted on his Facebook page today. And the new All Eyes video he created certainly lives up to that introduction, with split-screen and double-exposure techniques adding fun layers to All Eyes’ smoky song.


5. Kara Laudon’s “If I Could”

Let’s end things on a high note today. To accompany her sweet “If I Could,” songwriter Kara Laudon asked friends to share what they would do if they could do anything. My personal favorites are “Save the world” and “NAP.”