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Local Current charts

Each week on the blog, we’ll post the current “charts” for our Local Current stream. What does that mean? The charts are a count of the top local artists with new releases being spun on the stream and how many spins they got during the week. We’ll also let you know what new local music has been added to our playlist. It’s just another way for you to keep tabs on Minnesota music.

Adds to local library:

Various Artists – War Poets
Hums – Deep In Swim
Still Pacific – Cage Heart Hammer EP
Nick Hensley – Love Songs For Angry Men
The Discord Syndicate – Mergers and Acquisitions
Big Cats! – For My Mother (Remix) (Single)
Motion City Soundtrack – Making Moves EP
The Ericksons – The Wild
Portage – Landings
Various Artists – Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 4

Ranking Artist Album
1 Solid Gold Eat Your Young  
2 Various Artists Twin Cities Funk and Soul  
3 The Chalice We Are The Chalice EP  
4 Pony Trash Pony Trash EP  
5 P.O.S. We Don’t Even Live Here  
6 Brother Ali Mourning in America…  
7 Night Moves Colored Emotions  
8 John Mark Nelson Waiting and Waiting  
9 Dark Dark Dark Who Needs Who  
10 Actual Wolf Lightning And The Wolf EP  
11 Heartbeats Howl For Me b/w Ocean Green 7″  
12 Jim Ruiz Set Mount Curve Avenue  
13 Gospel Gossip Atlantic Blue 7″  
14 Gloss Front Porch (Single)  
15 The Rockford Mules O Tulip I Told You So EP  
16 Robust Worlds Emotional Planet  
17 Phantom Tails Only Your Eyes (Single)  
18 Mixed Blood Majority Fine Print (Single)  
19 Haley Bonar Bad Reputation 7″  
20 Brute Heart Wildfire 7″  
21 Bomba De Luz What A Heavy Weight  
22 Bob Dylan Tempest  
23 Ben Kyle Ben Kyle  
24 Toki Wright FADERS Mixtape  
25 Jeremy Messersmith Paper Moon EP  
26 Fire In The Northern Firs Of Bones and Things  
27 Wiping Out Thousands This Came First  
28 Vague-A-Bonde Evolved (Single)  
29 Strange Names Strange Names EP  
30 Prince RNR Affair (Single)  
31 Mike Mictlan SNAXXX  
32 Meme Young  
33 Paul Westerberg My Road Now (Single)  
34 Marijuana Deathsquads Tamper, Disable, Destroy  
35 Wolf Lords Permission (Single)  
36 All Eyes Shelf Life  
37 Paper Tiger Summer EP  
38 Velvet Davenport Opal Vol. I and II  
39 Prissy Clerks Bruise Or Be Bruised  
40 Plastic Believers Lens Flare EP  
41 Villa Plains, Fog, Cold and Snow  
42 Typsy Panthre Typsy Panthre  
43 Strange Relations Ghost World (Single)  
44 Real Numbers Only Two Can Play  
45 Guante and Big Cats You Better Weaponize  
46 Chris Bates’ Red 5 New Hope  
47 Carroll Needs EP  
48 Bora York Dreaming Free  
49 Fathom Lane Down By Half  
50 Falcon Arrow Anti-Matter  
51 Early Alan Younger The Hotcake Waltz EP  
52 Actual Wolf Actual Wolf USA EP  
53 Reina del Cid and The Cidizens Blueprints, Plans  
54 Diver Dress Diver Dress EP  
55 Southside Desire Songs To Love And Die To  
56 Gay Witch Abortion Opportunistic Smokescreen…  
57 Batteryboy Winter’s Gate EP