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John Mark Nelson releases new song, begins Kickstarter campaign for third album

John Mark Nelson
John Mark Nelson performs at the Best New Bands showcase at First Avenue. (Photo by Nate Ryan)

John Mark Nelson had one heck of a year. He released his second album Waiting and Waiting  to enthusiastic praise in Minnesota, became one of The Current’s top viewed in-studios in 2012 due to the success of early single “Reminisce,” sold out a release show at the 7th St. Entry and then started supporting all sorts of touring national acts in the process. End-of-year lists were published — he made many of them. He was tapped for the Best New Bands showcase at First Avenue and he and his ensemble will kick off the festivities for our two-night birthday party this weekend. The guy isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and today we have a new song to share from his forthcoming third album.

At just 18-years old, it’s slightly dumbfounding to see John Mark Nelson already starting work on another collection of songs. But rest assured they will be good — early teasers at Best New Bands last Friday night were promising of the even more orchestrated direction he and his ensemble are taking. As of today, he has launched a Kickstarter to fund the recording process.

“The songs are written, the band is ready, and the wheels are turning.”


The Moon and The Stars

Yep, John Mark is on a role. The new album The Moon and The Stars is rather philosophical, inspired by fleeting relationships and big changes, no doubt influenced by his graduation from high-school and quick rise into the spotlight. The album artwork is fitting as well, illustrated by artist Heather Weideman. It looks like he’s employing a much larger orchestration this go-around to make his ideas a reality, and because of that, the Kickstarter goal is $15,000.

There’s a detailed explanation on what that money will go towards, namely the high rental cost for a studio with “optimal acoustic” arrangements. John Mark has also assembled a range of musicians to bring the album to life who should be paid for their “time and efforts” and their ability to play instrumentals that he has “no business playing because [he’s] lousy at them.” Of course, there is the long mixing and mastering process, but he’s also intending to print to both CD and vinyl this go-around.

There’s some awesome rewards on the docket for those who care to contribute: from digital downloads to screen-printed posters, liner credits, release party tickets, private concerts and even a tracking and mixing session invitation. Get all the information on his Kickstarter page. By the way, the goal has to be completed in 21 days.

We have a first listen of the single off the album below.

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  • Meyer

    May I point out that in your review of JMN at Best New Bands, you suggested the band didn’t seem quite together and the show “lacked emotional depth.” Here you suggest the show was a promising indicator of future directions. I grant you these are not mutually exclusive, but it all borders on complete nonsense. If you expect me to “rest assured” about any of your abundant and breathless hype on local music newbies, forget it.

  • Meyer

    Well, that comment would have been more convincing if the reviews were written by the same person, which they were not. Sorry, but the basic point remains, I guess. The Current has done so much pushing on JMN, then their main blogger suggests he has some growing to do, which, despite evident talent, is fairly obvious. Then another voice goes overboard. It’s really getting silly out here.

  • disqus_x34Mm3sBtA

    It seems people think that the current only has 1 person covering local music. Look at the names, people. Differing opinions exist. Deal with it. Also, if you’re basing your entire opinion of an artist from 1 person’s review of an artist, you’re not getting a realistic picture. Andrea’s review of the “Best New Bands” show is quite different from her review of JMN’s show 1 week later. While I agree the Current’s hive-mind effect on the Twin Cities isn’t always a good thing, criticizing their range of opinions is ridiculous.