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Friday Five: Enemy Planes, Ashley DuBose, Kevin Bowe, more

Breakout act Enemy Planes have a debut video out this week. (Photo by M.R. Mackey)

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but the cabin fever has really started setting in for me this winter. Just last night, I caught myself contemplating how far south I’d have to drive before I could get out of the car without a coat on.

In lieu of that, I’m planning to spend the weekend eardrums-deep in some live music, of which we thankfully have plenty to choose from here in the Cities. If you’re feeling lonely or frostbitten, force yourself to get out of the house and soak up some live tunes—at the very least, cramming yourself into a room full of sweaty strangers will bring your temperature up a few degrees.

And for now, check out this sampling of the best new music videos our scene has to offer…

Enemy Planes

There’s something quite unsettling about this debut music video from Enemy Planes, which was shot on Coney Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy by accomplished photographer and videographer Tobias Stretch (who has created videos for Radiohead, Efterklang, and others). It offers the first real preview of Enemy Planes’ forthcoming full-length, Beta Lowdown, which has yet to get a release date.

Ashley DuBose

It’s been fun watching Mike Dreams and Ashley DuBose grow more and more confident over this past year; they are both coming into their own as artists and strengthening their voices. This song originally appeared on DuBose’s album, Somethin’ More, and Dreams contributed new parts for this video. For all the indie hip-hop that the Twin Cities has to offer, I think Dreams and DuBose have the potential to break out nationally in the pop world—especially if they continue collaborating and crafting hooks this sharp.

Kevin Bowe

Longtime Twin Cities scene staple Kevin Bowe was recently featured on an episode of MN Original, and this excerpt features Bowe with drummer Peter Anderson (both of whom will appear on that forthcoming Replacements Songs for Slim EP), bassist Steve Price, and the Jayhawks’ Tim O’Reagan performing at the Terrarium.

Aby Wolf

I wanted to share this one again here again just in case you missed it at the bottom of my review of Aby Wolf’s new album, Wolf Lords. Trippy! This new video for “Brave Boy” was produced by graphic artist VISIONQUEST.

The Ocean Blue

After a 10-year hiatus, the Ocean Blue have recently re-emerged, playing a big show at the Entry as part of the Korda Records showcase just last month. Here, behold the first video off their forthcoming album, directed by the Starfolk’s Allison LaBonne.