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Friday Five: New Absynthe, Retribution Gospel Choir, Bomba de Luz

Crankshaft and his Gear Grinders are releasing an excellent new album this week. (Publicity photo)

The end of the week is upon is, which can only mean one thing: Time to reward yourself with a few minutes away from the grind by sampling a few procrastination-worthy music videos. Actually, this week’s offerings are so substantial that there’s about an hour’s worth of entertainment below—we have Retribution Gospel Choir to thank for about half of that—so slip on those headphones and drift away with the latest Minnesota tunes.



First out of the gate is the new collaboration between the Chalice’s Lizzo and Sophia Eris, who are calling themselves Absynthe. There are no moving pictures here, but the track (a take on the oft-sampled “Clapping Song” by Shirley Ellis) is a fun feature for these two potent MCs.


Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders

This is the second time I’ve featured Crankshaft in this space, and it’s worth pointing out once again what great strides he’s taken with his new album, What You Gonna Do? Forget everything you thought you knew about the well-tread genre of barroom blues; on his new record, Crankshaft updates his sound for a more modern audience while paying homage to the blues tradition. In the video below, sample snippets of the new record while getting a tour of the barn in which it was recorded.


Bomba de Luz

You’ve heard about this Best Love is Free gig happening tomorrow night at the Fine Line, right? And about the big compilation that goes along with it? Well just in case, here’s one last video from this year’s Best Love is Free series, which captures the magnetic energy of Bomba de Luz.


Retribution Gospel Choir

Spoiler alert: Yes, they just keep dancing like that for the whole 21 minutes. Get into it.


Twin Cities punk circa 1985

“Meet some outspoken punks and their parents” in this 1985 in-depth report from talk show Twin Cities Live, which attempts to figure out just what that punk music is all about and whether the general public should be terrified. Classic.