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Friday Five: P.O.S. and his weird friends, STNNNG, Niki Becker, more

It’s been a crazy-busy week for video releases here in the Twin Cities, so much so that I just caught myself complaining about having too many awesome videos for the Friday Five. Like that’s a problem. You’re getting a little extra this go-round, and there’s nothing any of us can do about it.


It’s been quiet lately on the P.O.S. front as the rapper awaits his new kidney (which you can still donate money toward; his fundraiser ends today), so it was a welcome surprise when his new video “Weird Friends (We Don’t Even Live Here” dropped out of the blue yesterday. This one is possibly not safe for work, but the images flash by so fast it’s difficult to tell exactly what is going on. All I know is that there’s goat, a kitten involved, and some very bendable human bodies involved. Weird friends, indeed.

Off With Their Heads

This hometown hardcore punk quartet are getting ready to release their next Epitaph Records full-length, Home, on March 12, and offered up a sample of the album with this video for “Seek Advice Elsewhere.”

Niki Becker

If you dig this new video from Niki Becker, which features a cut off last year’s excellent Sea Salt, then head down to the Amsterdam tonight for her video-release show with support from Middlepicker and The White Whales. It’s a free gig and starts at 7 p.m.


Man, it’s been a while since I’ve bumped MaLLy’s The Last Great… This video is a good reminder that it’s time to pull that 2012 record back out and give it another spin. MaLLy just dropped his third single off that record, “Winner,” along with a video that features plenty of cameos from the Minneapolis hip-hop community.

Audio Perm

Speaking of the Minneapolis hip-hop community, sprawling rap collective Audio Perm just released their newest video, “Spark One,” and it features up-and-coming MCs Bobby Raps, Akrite, Yakub, & Ramiro X.


Yes, I’ve already shared five videos, and yes, this one makes it a Friday Six, but I’m too excited about the new STNNNG record Empire Inward and the big release show extravaganza coming up February 23 to pass on posting this. “Long Middle” is the second single to be released off STNNNG’s forthcoming album.