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Prince releases smooth R&B jam ‘Breakfast Can Wait’

Another week, another mysterious new online offering from Prince.

On the heels of his six-show run at the Dakota and the release of his new single, “Screwdriver,” comes another website from the Purple camp, this time under the 3rd Eye Girl banner. The site is selling downloads of four tracks: the previously released “Screwdriver,” remixes of that track and “RNR Affair,” and a brand-new song called “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Of all his latest releases, “Breakfast Can Wait” lays down the best groove, and the track is mostly a mellow, funky jam—until the last verse, when Prince takes it up a few octaves to sing in a chipmunk-like, cartoonish falsetto.

“RNR Remix 7” also breathes new life into that single—I think I prefer it to the original—by punching it up a few notches, while the “Screwdriver” remix winds the song through an extended, nearly 7-minute-long jam.

The new tracks are available for less than $1 a piece on his new website, 3rdEyeGirl.com.

In other Prince news, it was just announced that he’ll be presenting an award at this weekend’s Grammys, which airs Sunday night. We’ll have a recap of all the MN-related Grammy action shortly after the awards wrap up.