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Friday Five: Botzy, Squares, the Oddfathers and more

Culture Cry Wolf frontman-turned-new solo artist Botzy. (Photo by Drew Carlson)


Happy Friday! Count down the final hours of your work-week and ease into the weekend with this fresh batch of homespun music videos. And if you’re still making plans for the weekend, consult our Local Gig List—there are CD-release shows aplenty happening tonight and tomorrow night in the Twin Cities.



Botzy, a.k.a. Adam Botsford of hip-hop meets rock and ska outfit Culture Cry Wolf, is breaking out on his own with a new solo project. Here’s the first taste, “You Got It,” in a video directed by the prolific Adam J. Dunn.

Bro Dynasty

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the name, but this new project is certainly intriguing sonically. Bro Dynasty is led by Dandelion Warpaint’s Liam Ellis, and the same hazy, dreamy melodies caught my ear right away. I’m curious to hear more.


Squares combine eclectic influences—world music, dark pop, post-rock—into an aesthetic that I’ve never been quite able to describe succinctly. Which is partly why I like it. They’re crafting a style that’s all their own, and you can sample a bit of it in this teaser video prior to their LP-release show tomorrow at the Entry.

The Oddfathers

You may recognize Brynn Arens from his time fronting in-your-face party band Flipp back in the late ’90s. This time around, he’s leading a mafia-themed group through songs that sound like they would have been played on Drive 105 around the time of Flipp’s heyday.

Crooked Saws

Dirty, dingy, crusty blues rock that seems like a tailor-made soundtrack for a night of slamming back shots of rail whiskey. Which, coincidentally, is the main theme of this video.