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Jeremy Messersmith signs to Glassnote Records


Jeremy Messersmith announced this morning that he’s signed a record deal with influential New York label Glassnote Records.

Since launching in 2007, Glassnote has established itself as a major force in the indie music industry; in 2009, they released Phoenix’s best-selling album to date, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and in 2011 they issued Mumford and Sons’ breakout album Sigh No More. Other acts on the label include Two Door Cinema Club, Givers, and Donald Glover’s music project Childish Gambino.

“I started working on the record, and as we were working on it I was like, ‘some of these songs, I think they could be radio songs—I think this could be bigger,'” he told the Current’s Morning Show today. “So we started looking around, and I’d met Daniel Glass a few years ago at SXSW, he’s the head of the label, and we just started talking. It was a fun courtship, if you will. I’m really looking forward to putting out the record.”

The new release on Glassnote will be Jeremy’s first full-length since 2010’s The Reluctant Graveyard, and was once again recorded with longtime collaborator Andy Thompson.

“We’re going to be working together for the next several months to release the new record,” he said. “I’m shooting for this summer or very early fall.”


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