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Local Radar: new music from Web Of Sunsets, Vague-a-Bonde and Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm

Nicole Brenny is preparing another EP under her moniker Vague-a-Bonde. (Photo courtesy of the artist)

Local Radar highlights bands that the local team at The Current is spinning heavily at their desks. You’ll be able to preview a track from each as well as hear them on The Local Show and Local Current.

Web Of Sunsets

A welcome surprise came yesterday on the Internet: we got our first taste of the forthcoming debut release from Web Of Sunsets. For those of you who have seen the band out-and-about town recently, you know there’s a lot of potential with this trio, and it’s good that they are taking their time getting situated in the world of music. For such a fleeting industry at this point, something as relaxed and melodic as Web Of Sunsets is a rarity, and even moreso considering it stays with you long after the short song is over.

Sarah Bischoff, Sarah Nienaber and Chris Rose are the minds behind project, uniting their work from half a dozen other projects including Gospel Gossip, Is/Is, Heavy Deeds, Robust Worlds, Sativa Flats and Vampire Hands, all of which continue to put out some of most polished music in the Twin Cities.

“Fool’s Melodies” got its proper premiere on Pitchfork on Wednesday, noted for being a promising precursor to a full-length currently in production. But first, we’ll get a 7”, and that will be out April 16 on End Of Time, a solo-run record label out in Seattle. You might know the name behind that as well: it’s Sarah Moody, who went to Carleton alongside Nienaber, and now currently operates Hardly Art, a label that was founded by Sub Pop. It’s great to see Minnesota bands leaving their footprints elsewhere, especially out in Washington – this is a very Pacific Northwest inspired trio.

  1. Listen Web Of Sunsets – “Fool’s Melodies”


Nicole Brenny’s Vague-a-Bonde project is getting ready to release another EP, and this go-around she has really matured into a personality with strong work to boot. The primary comparison she has gotten is Grimes, which is basically the easiest comparison anyone can make at this point. If you are a woman with a funky style and a lot of washed-over synth, you are likely invoking Claire Boucher according to media, and I’m totally guilty for using this description as well. Brenny is a little bit more subdued though, but she’s also more grounded, less weird-for-the-sake-of-being-weird and all of her songs are actual pop songs that can get a venue moving.

Brenny frequently takes off to a cabin to record her ideas, subsequently creating this feeling of isolation in her songs. But she’s also a master of building an insane chorus like on “Our Love,” where everything just breaks free. The crescendos build and these pieces become major anthems. It’s a good thing she’s added some additional band members to the live show, because these songs should be performed loudly with as many people as possible. It’s tribal and terribly infectious, and I think 2013 might be the year she really gains some ground.

Her new 222 EP is out digitally on April 1.

  1. Listen Vague-a-Bonde – “Our Love”

Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm

One of the best hip-hop tracks this year so far hit the web a few days back. Take a listen to up-and-comer Haphduzn (who you’ll recognize from Atmosphere’s recent Welcome To MN tour) and Dimitry Killstorm, a producer who dropped a killer mash-up record late last year with DJ Name.

We heard a few cuts from their Whittier Alliance album during 2012, and “Take Control” is easily the stand-out – a driven, funky and whip-smart composition. Haphduzn was also regularly spun on Kevin Beacham’s Redefinition Radio (which is now being rebranded and reworked as H2 and H2 Local).

This is their debut together, and I hope this isn’t the last. They’re a promising team that reminds me of MaLLy and The Sundance Kid, and considering these the guys live down the street from each other, I’m sure the collaborative spirit will be going on for quite some time.

Whittier Alliance is out now through Fifth Element.

  1. Listen Haphduzn and Dimitry Killstorm – “Take Control”