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Photos: Welcome to Minnesota tour at First Avenue

Carnage (Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR)


First Avenue was packed to the rafters last night with fans celebrating the Minneapolis stop of the 2013 Welcome to Minnesota tour, which is headlined and booked by Atmosphere. This year featured support from Brother Ali, Carnage, Haphduzn, and the Get Cryphy DJs, who brought out MaLLy as a special guest.

Atmosphere, who appeared as a pared-down duo of just Slug and Ant rather than the full band they’ve performed as recently, took advantage of the receptive hometown crowd to delve deep into their catalog—including “God’s Bathroom Floor,” which Slug said was one of their earliest tracks. They ended their main set with Minnesota-loving anthems (and Seven’s Travels hidden tracks) “Always Coming Back Home to You” and “Say Shh…”

All photos by Nate Ryan/MPR.



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