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Dessa will play Current Session at the Fitz on June 22, First Avenue June 29

Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR


It’s Dessa week. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s album announcement and the debut of her first single, “Warsaw,” comes news today that Dessa will perform at the Fitzgerald Theater on June 22 as part of the Current Sessions at the Fitz™ series, just three days before her new album Parts of Speech drops.

The Current Sessions gig is expected to be a “dramatic” show, and Dessa says she will play off the elegance of the room and the space’s theatrical resources to create a unique show. For those who saw Dessa’s Castor, The Twin album-release show at the Fitz back in 2011, it sounds like this event will similarly combine her talent for narrative storytelling and oration with live performance. It should be the ideal setting for observing the chemistry between her and her masterful backing band (Dustin Kiel, Sean McPherson, Joey Van Phillips, and Aby Wolf), and this performance will also feature special guests Becca Arons (of the Minnesota Opera) and Atlanta-based artist Nick Takénobu Ogawa.

The following Saturday, June 29, Dessa will play an album-release show at First Avenue, also backed by her quartet. Openers for the First Avenue show will be announced at a later date.

Tickets and general information:

The Current Sessions at the Fitz: Dessa
Celebrating the new album Parts of Speech
Saturday, June 22, 2013 8:00PM
The Fitzgerald Theater

Tickets go on sale to Minnesota Public Radio Members starting at noon on Wednesday, April 10. General public can purchase tickets starting at noon on Thursday, April 11. All tickets are reserved seating and are available for $26.00.

Members of Minnesota Public Radio may also order tickets by calling the Fitzgerald box office during regular business hours at 651-290-1200 (noon – 5 p.m., Tuesday to Friday). For more information visit the Fitzgerald Theater website.

Tickets for the First Avenue show will also be available in a presale on Wed, Apr 10th for MPR Members with the password: “MPRMember” and using this link.


  • Impossible to get through the FItzgerald Theater! very frustrating

    • steve that guy huh?

      also very frustrating is getting the current to play that new trap shit from UZ!

  • Mary

    Fitz tickets are sold online thru Ticketmaster. Ticketmaster says the show doesn’t go onsale until tomorrow. I am an MPR member – how do I get tickets?

    • steve that guy huh?

      skip this show and catch danny brown at the triple rock. similar types of music

  • ugh…i cant get through to get tickets!

  • Mary

    The Fitz box office phones are overwhelmed – I get hung up on every time I try to get to a ticket agent.

  • Michelle McCreery

    I have tried calling dozens of times. ONe friend is now on hold

  • Karyn

    at least I got First Ave show tix

    • Carol

      How??? I tried the “password” on the eTix site and it’s not working

      • Karyn

        paid full price…

  • Lisa Troutman

    Calling the Fitz box office repeatedly makes me feel like a teenager and not the sustaining MPR member I choose to be. In the future, I recommend they improve the usability of their phone line. There’s no working que; being placed on hold causes the call to fail. Perhaps the Fitz might additionally enlist the assistance of a Fitz specific online ticket vendor that can support the pre-sales for members. Sincere thanks for reviewing my comment.

    • Totally agree. I’m 51. I’m trying to get tickets for my husband and two daughters. I’m at work. I’m a sustainer! This is BS!

      • steve that guy huh?

        if you were just 50 it would be understandable. get the new durag dynasty cd instead.

  • steve that guy huh?

    ayo, i got a sustaining member for dessa

  • Mary

    I spent an hour and 20 minutes of calling but getting disconnected.
    I finally got in queue and was on hold for 15 minutes.
    I did get a couple of tickets but they’re not prime locations. I might have been better off waiting for general onsale tomorrow.
    I don’t think you folks did me a favor since the Fitzgerald doesnt have the technology to handle this kind of volume surge. I won’t go through this again, no matter the artist.
    I have been a sustaining member for years.

  • MPR Member Services

    We’re sorry about the problems members have had getting through to the ticket office. The Fitzgerald Theater can handle up to six inbound calls at any given time. More calls than that go into the call queue. When things get really hairy, the system will stop new people from entering the queue to prevent the whole system from crashing.

    My understanding is that as of right now the lines are still quite busy but calls are no longer getting kicked out of the system.

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback and your suggestions. I know this has been a frustrating afternoon for some of you, and we will do what we can to improve the system going forward. In the meantime, please keep trying. If you have questions or concerns, please call Member Services at 1-800-228-7123.


    Mike – Member Services

  • Karyn

    and if I don’t get tickets, my kid is going to have a fit! (no lie, she is 6 and a die-hard Dessa fan). maybe she won’t hear the announcement on the current….

  • Heather R

    All tickets are sold out for both shows. I called the Fitz when they opened today, then tried Ticketmaster as well. Called a bunch of the outlets before someone actually told me they don’t have a physical tix allotment anymore, so when they’re gone at one, they’re gone at all. Maybe this is old news…Here’s hoping she adds another show for all of us who weren’t lucky enough to score tix!