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Dessa’s new full-length ‘Parts of Speech’ coming June 25

Doomtree snuck a little surprise into its mailing list subscribers’ inboxes last night: The first details and teaser of Dessa’s new full-length, Parts of Speech. In addition to unveiling the album’s cover art and release date (June 25), Dessa launched a pre-order of her new record that comes with an instant download of her new single, “Warsaw.”

I’m eager to hear the rest of the record, but here are a few first impressions after sampling the new song: “Warsaw” is a dance track, and more aggressive than what we’ve come to expect from Dessa. There are f-bombs, there are shadowy, echoey vocals, and there is an undeniable sense of urgency, as if Dessa has been stockpiling her words and waiting to unleash them ever since her debut A Badly Broken Code was released.

Given the vibe of the track, I originally guessed that the beat was created by Cecil Otter, but it turns out “Warsaw” is Paper Tiger’s handiwork. This is future music, as P.O.S. would say, and it rolls out like an armored car; gone are the unguarded moments that defined Dessa’s 2011 release, Castor, The Twin, which had more of a listening room/jazz combo feel.

“Warsaw” is available as a download with pre-orders of the album, which you can browse here, and you can also stream it via SoundCloud:

We’ll play it on the radio tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., when Dessa will stop by the Current’s Morning Show to talk about the new record and announce her release show.

Here is the track listing for Parts of Speech:

1. The Man I Knew
2. Call Off Your Ghost
3. Warsaw
4. Skeleton Key
5. Dear Marie
6. I’m Going Down
7. Fighting Fish
8. The Lamb
9. Beekeeper
10. Annabelle
11. It’s Only Me
12. Sound the Bells

Just announced: Dessa will play two album-release shows for Parts of Speech, one at the Fitzgerald Theater on June 22 and one at First Avenue on June 29. More info here.