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Friday Five: Baby Bon Iver, Barbara Jean, Mankwe and more

Mankwe Ndosi is featured in a new documentary-style video by Works Progress.


Happy Friday! I have quite the range of new videos in store for you today, from the disturbing (baby Bon Iver) to the delicately beautiful (Barbara Jean and her band) to the deeply inspiring (documentaries on creative forces Mankwe and Low).

Dig in, and I hope to see you out at one of the many local shows happening this weekend.


The Flaming Lips with Bon Iver

There are some things you can’t unsee. Justin Vernon’s head superimposed onto an infant swaddled in tinfoil is one of those things. (Lyrics—and, pretty much everything about this—are NSFW.)

Barbara Jean

Americana artist Barbara Jean is one of three songwriters who will be featured at the Gravel Road Touring showcase at the Cedar Cultural Center tonight. Her banjo-propelled tunes would make a nice addition to an episode of A Prairie Home Companion; here, she is filmed by MN Original.

Mankwe Ndosi

For the first time, the full scope of Mankwe Ndosi’s artistic life is captured in a single video—her activism, her art, her unique and beautiful outlook on life. This documentary-style video was filmed over the course of a month by Works Progress.

Low Movie (How to Quit Smoking)

It seems quite appropriate that Low’s 20th anniversary as a band will be punctuated by a documentary that was created by a filmmaker who has followed them throughout their entire career. “Low Movie (How to Quit Smoking)” will debut at the MSPIFF next Friday, April 12, and will be followed by an intimate concert at the Aster Cafe.


I’ve been digging Crankshaft’s new record, What You Gonna Do?, and this video provides a taste of what those new songs are like live.