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Poliça release new single ‘TIFF’ featuring Justin Vernon


Poliça have just released their first new single since last year’s Give Up the Ghost. The slow, swanky “Tiff” is once again helmed by producer Ryan Olson and features backing vocals from his and Channy Leaneagh’s Gayngs bandmate, Justin Vernon.

The beat for “Tiff” shares more similarities with the slow-burning ambiance of Olson’s Gayngs record than the more direct, dual drum-fueled assault of Give You the Ghost, and with lines like “I don’t need a diamond ring, found a man and he’s found me,” I initially thought “Tiff” might be Poliça’s first love song. But after further inspection, it appears “Tiff” is a meditation on vanity and superficiality.

As with past Poliça material, some lines are easier to make out than others, with heavy vocal manipulations blurring the consonants of Leaneagh’s lyrics and drawing the ear away from what she’s saying and toward how she is saying it. But one line jumps out immediately: “Tiffany, my vanity / Compare to you, compare to me / I’m a pawn in the hype machine / You’re a pawn in the carat scheme.” The anti-Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the new song comes complete with a striking image of Leanagh holding her arm over her face, a tattoo of her daughter’s name on her thumb and a small, plain band on one finger, but her body otherwise unadorned.

As for Vernon’s contributions, his lyrics are even harder to distinguish than Leaneagh’s, but their voices do blend together well and his parts should be easy to reproduce live with help from Poliça’s other skilled singer, Chris Bierden. I’m hoping Coachella posts video footage of the band performing “Tiff” live (they debuted the song at the California festival this past Friday), because I have a feeling the song will expand and take on new depths with the addition of the band’s two drummers.

Listen to the new track here: