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Art-A-Whirl at the 331: Photos of Heavy Deeds, Marijuana Deathsquads, STNNNG, more

The crowd at the 331 Club's Art-A-Whirl bash on Saturday afternoon. (Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR)


Art-A-Whirl was rocking hard all day saturday. With many venues hosting concerts, lots of people were on bikes and on foot walking around the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District to enjoy the music as well as the art.

The show at the 331 Club drew a large crowd that grew into the afternoon and evening as the music got progressively crunchier and louder. Heavy Deeds played a set and promoted their new EP, now available on vinyl. Songs like “Light Lunch” stood out as they switched between the lead female harmonies to the male backing harmonies. Lydia Hoglund of Bomba De Luz ‘s voice enchanted the crowd, while the rest of the band sounded more rocking then ever. And the show ramped up when Marijuana Deathsquads took the stage.

After a little lengthy setup with a mass of cables and electronics all over the stage, the onslaught of sound that is Deathsquads roared to life. Ben Ivascu of Poliça held down one of the drum kits, as drummers from FT (the Shadow Government) and Bomba De Luz rotated through, keeping the energy and tempo at maximum. Ryan Olson was at the helm, orchestrating and directing the drummers as P.O.S., Isaac Gale, Channy Leaneagh, Spyder Baby, Slapping Purses, and Mark McGee all worked around a single table at the front of the stage. The polyrhythms of Deathsquads had the whole crowd moving, and caught the attention of many people walking by on the street who gathered along the sidewalk to watch.

The intensity did not let up with FT (the Shadow Government), who ripped into their set and continued the double drumsets and vocal effects. The members of STNNNG joined for rocking loud song with FT at the start of their set, then at the end brought back FT (the Shadow Government) to play out the show with some loudest, hardest rocking songs I’ve heard in a while, covering much of the material from their joint EP.

The show outside wrapped promptly at 10 p.m.—I can only imagine the noise complaints that could have come from a several block radius.

–Nate Ryan


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