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Friday Five: A new Caroline Smith documentary and loads of free music

Twin Cities newcomer Mousey McGlynn has a new video out this week.


I typically save the Friday Five space for all the best new Minnesota music videos that have debuted each week. But before we get to the audio-visual portion of today’s roundup, I have a few other items to share:

1. Marijuana Deathsquads just released a free, two-EP collection called Music Rocks 1 and 2. As the band says, the two albums are “easily the best, most representative recordings of the band to date.” Grab them here, and party down with the band at their CD-release show at Icehouse tonight.

2. Observer Drift has spent the past year working on a follow-up to his dreamy debut album, Corridors. His new release, Fjords, was just posted online at midnight last night. I’m still on my first listen of the album, but I can already tell I’ll be revisiting this one again and again.

Ok, and now on to the videos…

Powderhorn Cranes

I knew very little about Powderhorn Cranes before watching this video, but the song immediately caught my attention. It turns out Powderhorn Cranes is a studio project led by producer F. James Bardozi, and this particular track features contributions from Big Cats and vocalist Ramona Fields. It’s just one example of what this project—which identifies itself as an “anonymous collective”—is capable of, and you can find more samples on SoundCloud.

Mousey McGlynn

Mousey McGlynn is a nomad of sorts, traveling around North America and Europe, but she recently started using the Twin Cities as her home base. She’s spent the past year recording and releasing high-concept videos in support of her Mousey EP, and this is her latest offering, “Walked to the Water”—a sparse, bass-heavy electro track that shows off her distinctive voice.

King Fuvi

“Light rail transport, ready to explore / yet it’s not ready ’til 2-0-1-4.” Is this the first song that’s been written about how excited St. Paulites are for the light rail to start running?

Hardcore Crayons

Fast-forward to 3:00 or so if you want to hear the music, otherwise buckle up for an epic, surreal adventure with Hardcore Crayons.

Caroline Smith

In this new Pioneer Public TV documentary filmed by superstar videographer Dan Huiting, Caroline Smith takes us back to her hometown of Detroit Lakes to explore her origins as a songwriter and singer.


  • Sir Piffington

    That King Fuvi track is NICE!
    I need to see more of this kind of hiphop!

    • ComoParkBrit

      King Fuvi is a great live performer too. I saw him do some bits from his Minnesota Experience album at Arnellia’s (the bar in the video) a few weeks ago and he really gets the crowd going – I think that he is going to make it big really soon….

      • King Fuvi

        Solid and much appreciated.I had no idea that my video made The Current’s blog until someone issued a congrats to me today. I’m very honored to have been featured and look forward to providing more quality hip-hop music for all those that have supported me since day one.
        Who knows, maybe The Current will invite me up to do a live performance when I drop my EP and/or album this year.

        • Ellie Lundblad

          I’d love to hear a live performance on The Current.

    • King Fuvi

      Thank you!
      I will be performing at the Imperial Room in MPLS on June 20th. You should come check out a bunch of performances from great local talent other than myself.

  • Rising Sun

    I recently saw King Fuvi live as well, what a performance! He just delivers more energy to the crowd line after line. This track is one of my favorites, it actually has substance to it compared to a lot of rap or hip hop I hear nowadays. It feels more raw, which I like. It lets the potential and the passion show through better. Hope to see more of him around town.

  • J. Lock

    Love the King Fuvi track! I really can’t wait to see him on stage next to the other Twin Cities hip hop giants.

  • Molly-Jo Smith

    King Fuvi is doing such awesome things for the St. Paul community. Proud to call him a friend and myself a fan!

  • Eking

    King Fuvi grows more more amazing by the day, he is very innovative and he will just keep on getting better. Fuvi you have such a special gift there is no place to go but higher. Love him Elyse King

  • Ellie Lundblad

    Big fan of King Fuvi and his contributions to the local music scene. Impressed with this track as well as the video. Makes me proud to be from MN!

  • Killacaleb2

    Fuvi is a hip-hop phoenix rising from swag ashes

  • King Fuvi

    Thanks everyone!!!

  • El Jefe

    Fuvi is a great performer and a genuine soul!!