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Friday Five: New videos from the Ocean Blue, Metsota, the 4onthefloor, more

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve been kicking off most Friday Five posts this season with some chit-chat about the weather. So Minnesotan, I know. But at this point, I don’t even know what season it’s supposed to be, or how we’re all supposed to feel about it. So instead, I’m cueing up these new videos and keeping my thoughts on the latest new music, sweet music…

Here are five videos that caught my attention this week. And if you need more of a video fix, be sure to peep the other local music in-studios we’ve hosted and filmed this week—from Nicholas David to Free Energy (are they local?) to On an On (who weren’t local, but now are!).

The Ocean Blue

Speaking of bands who have recently migrated to Minneapolis, the Ocean Blue is now based in the Cities and their new record has all kinds of Minnesota ties. Ultramarine was released on the locally based Korda Records, and this new video was directed by Blue Sky Blackout frontman Christian Erickson.


I first discovered Metasota (who also goes by Meta) via Greg Grease’s 2012 breakout Cornbread, Pearl, and G, and fans of that record will find a few similar elements in Meta’s work. His new video, “Force Fed,” is the first off his latest Still Happy I’m Present (H.I.P. 2), and was directed by Myke Shevy.

Taj Raj

This video kills me. What happened to these two? Are they breaking up? Staying together? Maybe they just had a fight over what kind of beer the guy was supposed to get and everything’s going to be ok?

On an On

One of the most fascinating aspects of watching in-studio sessions is witnessing the bands who sound very electronic—like On an On, featured here—recreate their dreamy and heavily manipulated sound in a live setting.

The 4onthefloor

Miss the 4onthefloor’s big release shows at the Turf Club and First Avenue Mainroom a few weeks back? This video provides a recap from a great vantage point at the Turf, complete with some thoughts on the new record by Gabriel Douglas.


  • Wait, was anyone else surprised by The Ocean Blue moving to Mpls because they thought The Ocean Blue was a British band?!?

  • Dan

    Nothing more rock n roll than a bunch of IT guys from Minnesota playing southern rock. For a cover that’s 5x more than what an actual real rock and roll band would be at the Turf Club. Lame.

    Some pointers, Minnesota Nice be damned:

    Working at a software company: NOT rock and roll.

    Playing music specifically designed to sound like music from a region you are not from: NOT rock and roll.

    Getting in a fight with a bunch of teenagers and responding with a youtube clip: NOT rock and roll.

    Telling the entire city you are rock and roll’s savior then gouging the crap out of said city with exorbitant covers: NOT rock and roll.

    Answering every interview question politely and confidently, as if you practiced in the mirror: NOT rock and roll.

    Thin Lizzy T-shirt that they sell at Target: Seriously. How many t-shirts did you audition before that video? NOT rock and roll.

    Emphasizing that you are THE 4 on the floor. Instead of just you know, your normal lame name: NOT rock and roll.

    Implying that I don’t know what “merriment” is because I’m not smiling listening to your record: **** your ****. Have you heard of the Pixies? I smile all the time when I listen to them. Because they ARE rock and roll.

    It’s not my fault I don’t smile when listening to this band. I don’t like 4onthefloor, and that’s my prerogative. I wish they would stop acting like a damn victim because some kid called them out on their schtick. I wish they would stop acting like it is an insult to the entire city when people dislike their band. I was under the impression that individualism was something encouraged in rock and roll, not just blog group think.

    Just to be clear, this isn’t personal, and the members of this band I have met are kind-hearted. But I refuse to sit here fuming as I get read again and again that 4onthefloor is a carnal ol’ fashioned rock and roll outfit, because it is plainly and obviously not true.

    This is media savvy musicianship, and it’s working. This is blog rock. 4onthefloor are four nice dudes who can play well. And as the action of me ranting this on a discussion board should indicate, 4onthefloor is very effective blog rock. But let’s not pretend it is anything more.

    And shame on City Pages, Vita.MN, this blog, and anybody other media source who hasn’t attacked these records critically. Because as nice as these fellas are, their status as living breathing John Hughes characters shouldn’t allow them total media impunity. Let’s hear some intelligent, blunt, ruckus discussion.

    Let’s hear what John Sinclair was doing while managing MC5. Let’s hear Lester Bangs rant endlessly about Lou Reed. Let’s hear Dolly Parton sing about Porter Wagoner directly to Porter Wagoner on his own show. Let’s hear Chuck Klostermann’s deconstruct Billy Joel on “Glass Houses.” Let’s hear “When the President Talks to God,” and lets pay exactly 0 dollars to hear it. Let’s hear Patti Smith, dear God let’s hear some Patti Smith. Or even better, let’s get really into the Miami Dolphins, and hear a new generation with the same fearless animal eyes.

    Let’s live without shame, without fear, believe in something worthwhile, say it loud, and spit it without shame.

    Because THAT is rock and roll.

    <3 Dan