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Har Mar Superstar returns home to sell out the Turf Club

Har Mar Superstar at the Turf Club (Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR)


Har Mar Superstar returned home Saturday night to play the Turf Club, his first show in town since releasing the soulful new Bye Bye 17 on Cult Records.

Painted Ponies opened the night followed by Baby Boys, whose Jeff “Catfish” Quinn also plays guitar for Har Mar. The Chalice took the stage as the final openers and really got the crowd into the show, finally eliminating that classic gap between the stage and the first row of the crowd.

Har Mar Superstar (a.k.a. Owatonna native Sean Tillmann) took the stage wearing the iconic poncho from the Doomtree music video “Bangarang” and kicked things off with a few older tunes.

The poncho came off, revealing a light linen suit with a ruffled shirt as Har Mar launched into a passionate version of “Lady, You Shot Me.” The crowd was in love, singing along loudly to the chorus. Tillmann was not exactly modest about his new songs, repeatedly saying they’re his best work ever, but the crowd reaction was in agreement.

The rest of the set mixed new and old material. At one point Tillmann clearly called an audible, asking the crowd if they could play another new song, he was “having too much fun with the new stuff.” As he started into one of the slower new songs, he proclaimed, “This one is for the lovers in the crowd, find someone to slow dance with for this one.”

As the show progressed, the jacket came off, followed by shirt, and eventually tank top undershirt too. As Tillmann took the last shirt off he asked the crowd: “Do I have to take of my pants to shock you? It’s not a surprise any more. Are my songs not good enough?”


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