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Musicians react to the same-sex marriage bill passing, announce outdoor concert

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The Minnesota Senate passed a bill today that will legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota. It’s a bill that Governor Mark Dayton has said he plans to sign into law tomorrow evening at 5 p.m. on the front steps of the State Capitol, and effective August 1, 2013, Minnesota will be the 12th state to legalize same-sex marriage.

It’s an historic day for Minnesotans. And as writer, activist, and MC Guante pointed out in his Opine Season column today, it’s not a policy change or shift in public opinion that happened overnight. In fact, many musicians have stepped forward over the past year to publicize their views and speak out in support of same-sex marriage, peaking with a series of benefit concerts and outreach events when the marriage amendment went up for a public vote last fall and continuing as we approached today’s Senate vote.

Now that the bill has passed, musicians will once again be an integral part of the same-sex marriage dialogue—and this time, they’ll literally be providing the soundtrack. After Governor Dayton signs the bill into law at the Capitol, a massive celebration will take place in downtown St. Paul, including a concert headlined by the Suburbs and Chris Osgood of the Suicide Commandos at EcoLab Plaza (375 Wabasha St. N.).



The Governor, St. Paul’s Mayor Chris Coleman, and Minnesotans United’s Richard Carlbom are all expected to speak at the EcoLab Plaza event, and additional performers include the TC Gay Men’s Chorus, P.O.S., and Zoo Animal, Hookers $ Blow, the Jack Brass Band, the Minnesota Freedom Band, and DJ Jake Rudh. Billed as the “Love is the Law” concert, the event is scheduled to kick off at 6 p.m., immediately following the signing of the bill.

From the press release: “In celebration of this historic legislation, Ecolab Plaza will become a venue for the ‘Love is Law’ concert, featuring some of Minnesota’s best local music Tuesday evening. The Minnesota Freedom Band will lead a procession from the Capitol lawn to downtown Saint Paul. Food and beverage will be available for purchase.”

Set times:

6:30 Hookers $ Blow

7:35 Zoo Animal

8:35 P.O.S.

9:30 Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

9:40 Mayor’s speech

9:45 Suburbs

Here’s a sampling of the reactions to the same-sex marriage vote coming from Minnesota musicians this afternoon:

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