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Local Radar: First Communion Afterparty

Photo by Ashley Goetz

The Local Radar is getting a little revamp. Each week, we’ll focus on a single new release that we feel deserves a spotlight.

First Communion Afterparty

“Happy New Year! Everyone in the FCAP family is wishing anyone reading a fantastic year! Although we have long since disbanded into many fractals, the movement keeps growing. Fingers are crossed in our camp; we are hoping for a possible treat to those fans awaiting something that may have been sitting on a shelf waiting for you all of this time that we have spent apart. Then again, we are also crossing our toes for a special treat for those in MPLS/STP. A parting gift if you will.”

That’s the last testament of sorts posted on the Facebook wall of beloved Twin Cities shoegaze band First Communion Afterparty. The six-piece have routinely put out some of the best rock and roll in the community – there are few songs in Minnesota music lore that will come close to “2CB” from their album Sorry For All The Mondays and To Those Who Can’t Sing.

The above post was back in December and the same question from fans was posed over and over again in response: “Is the band breaking up?”

Yes and no apparently, although it has been confirmed that they will play their last show one of their last shows at the two-day Bathysphere festival at First Avenue next week. The members of the band have basically just gone on to lead multiple other projects which have gifted us more tunes in the vein of FCAP. I wouldn’t doubt there will be more reunited gigs in the future. One of these new bands will utilize Bathysphere as a chance to premiere their material in front of a larger audience. That band would be Driftwood Pyre, and the quintet was formed by Liam Watkins, Joe Werner and Aaron James, all formerly of FCAP. Courtney Olsen and Jeanne Oss were added to bolster backing vocals, percussion and synth. Their debut Scenes Of The Midwest American Underground Volume 1-3 will be out this fall.

First Communion Afterparty on the other hand are preparing to release a new 12″ called Earth Heat Sound, and it follows faithfully in their brand of hazy, acid-tinged music. There isn’t anything terribly new at play here, but lead track “Jesus Told You” rips like we’ve come to expect from this band. And as is the case with so many of these Minnesota acts recrafting the psych rock sound, I get visions of them soundtracking a blissfully hot/Third Summer Of Love-esque day in the home of the genre: Austin, TX.

  1. Listen First Communion Afterparty – “Jesus Told You”


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