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Rock the Garden 2013: Live blog

Metric MPR Photo / Nate Ryan


A little lightning and a thunderstorm aren’t going to stop Dan Deacon. That’s the first lesson that we learned at this year’s Rock the Garden, which took a rainy turn as soon as gates opened and then transitioned into the parking ramp for a sweaty, packed dance party that kept concertgoers safe as a storm blew through.

Dan Deacon is no stranger to the unconventional live show—he’s known for commanding the crowd and instructing them to form circles, compete in one-on-one dance offs, and follow along in synchronized, jazzercise-like movements. So it was no surprise that he responded to news that rain was moving in by wrapping his speakers and tech table in tarps and instructing people to follow him into the garage for an impromptu underground set.

At first, the Deacon set started like a secret. Only the audience members who were standing closest to him knew what he was up to, and most others who sought shelter in the garage lingered near the entrance to wait out the rain. But as soon as the majority of the poncho-clad crowd figured out what was up, the back part of the garage became more crowded and the space buzzed with excitement over the spontaneity of the what was about to transpire.

“Deacon is such a natural performer,” Current host Steve Seel marveled after the set, and I couldn’t agree more. He was up to his usual tricks for this parking ramp set—a circle was formed and a dance-off transpired, followed by a full-crowd freakout, all set to his fast-paced, frenetic, and downright glitchy dance music—but it all took on a new level of energy in this performance. The speakers Deacon was using to project his music were tiny and the sound was scuzzy at best, but it didn’t matter. For the first time in the day, the attendees at Rock the Garden were truly united.

For his grand finale, Deacon instructed everyone in the crowd to link arms and form a giant human tunnel, with fans running through the tunnel to exit the ramp and return to the festival. It was one of the most unique shows I’ve ever seen, and one that will surely go down in the Rock the Garden history books.

Dan Deacon set list:

Crystal Cat
Konono Rip Off No 1
Get Older

Dan Deacon  MPR Photo / Nate Ryan Dan Deacon
MPR Photo / Nate Ryan

Slideshow: Dan Deacon rocks the garage at Rock the Garden


Welp! How to describe what came next? This just might be the artiest Rock the Garden to date, and Low decided to follow Dan Deacon’s parking garage performance by playing one 27-minute long, simmering song.

Yes. One song. 27 minutes. And the crowd didn’t know quite what to think. As folks settled into their places on the grassy (and wood-chip-covered) hill and the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, Low launched into their song “Do You Know How to Waltz?” and never let up, transitioning the song into one long, slow-burning instrumental build that lasted all the way up until the end of their set time. At one point, sinister sounds started seeping out of Alan Sparhawk’s guitar and it almost sounded like someone was laughing, slowly and evilly, but other than that it was an unmovable wall of noise.

The band barely looked up at the crowd, mostly staring at each other and at the ground and sky, and barely said a word, save for the very end of the “set.” When the music came to its sudden end, Alan Sparhawk stepped up to his mic and slowly, loudly said, “Drone. Not drones.”

Slideshow: Low puzzles fans at Rock the Garden

Bob Mould at Rock the Garden MPR Photo / Nate Ryan Bob Mould at Rock the Garden MPR Photo / Nate Ryan

After two unpredictable sets, Bob Mould followed with a punchy, fast-paced, and commanding performance that found him tearing through the first half of his landmark album with Sugar, Copper Blue, and a handful of songs off his latest solo album, 2012’s Silver Age.

Last year, Mould celebrated the 30th anniversary of Copper Blue by playing it from start to finish at a series of shows, and the time he spent reliving that record has clearly seeped into his modern work. In fact, once he and his fiery backing band (bassist Jason Narducy of Telekinesis and drummer Jon Wurster of Superchunk) zipped through Copper Blue‘s first five songs and launched into a cut off the new record, “Star Machine,” the transition sounded downright seamless. And “The Descent” blazed live, setting the tone for the more raucous part of the set that would follow.

“Should it be louder? If it should be louder, raise your hand,” Mould said at one point, and hands eagerly shot up around the lawn. The energy ratcheted up and up as he dipped once again into the Sugar catalog with “Your Favorite Thing” and then reached back into his Husker Du catalog for the all-too-appropriate “Celebrated Summer” and “Charted Trips,” the highlight of the set.

With the sun beating down and the spirit of the crowd on the rise, Mould ended his set with a downright giddy version of Sugar’s biggest hit, “If I Can’t Change Your Mind.”

Bob Mould set list:

The Act We Act
A Good Idea
Hoover Dam
Star Machine
The Descent
Round the City Square
Steam of Hercules
Your Favorite Thing
Celebrated Summer
Charted Trips
Keep Believing
If I Can’t Change Your Mind

Slideshow: Bob Mould at Rock the Garden

Sarah Negahdari of Silversun Pickups MPR Photo / Nate Ryan

“Wow, this is a big deal,” remarked Silversun Pickups frontman Brian Aubert, marveling at the sea of people in front of him. And judging from the relentless onslaught of hits delivered during their 75-minute set, they were reveling in the opportunity to play the festival today.

Aubert reminisced about the time he and his band played the 7th St. Entry, which he said was one of the first times his band played outside Los Angeles, and joked that “the only thing that kept our heads level was the smell coming out of the bathroom.” And he paused to pay tribute to the two Minnesotan acts who played before him, calling Low “insane” and scoffing at the idea that he was playing after them and Bob Mould. “We stand here in awe of all of that.”

The rest of the time, Aubert led his band through a melancholic and magnetic performance that had the crowd bouncing under the setting sun, a testament to how upbeat their songs can be despite their penchant for minor keys. Of all of the performers at Rock the Garden, Aubert has been second only to Deacon in his ability to engage the audience, and the fans crammed into the pit in front of the stage were clearly energized by his throaty screams and simmering melodies.

Another highlight of the set was watching bassist Sarah Negahdari (also of the band Happy Hollows), who was filling in for new mother Nikki Monninger while she’s away caring for her young twins. Judging from Twitter, Negahdari earned quite a few new fans with her constant pogo-ing and infectious enthusiasm, and if Aubert hadn’t pointed it out the crowd would have never known she was a sub.

Silversun Pickups focused on many of their radio hits, and the crowd was clearly pumped to hear recognizable songs like “Panic Switch,” “Dots and Dashes” and “Lazy Eye” close out the end of the set. And in one final moment of crowd connection, Aubert jumped off the stage to shake hands with his fans in the front row, securing his nomination as Most Likeable Frontman of the Summer.

Silversun Pickups set list:

Skin Graph
Well Thought Out Twinkles
The Royal We
Bloody Mary
Busy Bees
Mean Spirits
The Pit
Panic Switch
Dots and Dashes
Lazy Eye

Slideshow: Silversun Pickups at Rock the Garden

Jimmy Shaw and Emily Haines of Metric MPR Photo / Nate Ryan

Metric brought things home with another set heavy on the hits. As dusk enveloped the Walker’s grounds and the stage lights came on, Emily Haines and her powerful backing band lit a fuse that smoldered and then detonated into a lawn-wide dance party.

Haines started out the set on a bold note, blurting out the opening line to “Artificial Nocturne” (“I’m just as f’ed up as they say”), live radio broadcast be damned, and then proceded to play a handful of cuts off the band’s latest album, Synthetica. The audience was clearly already familiar with the new material, but the set really hit its high point after the moody older cut, “Empty,” when they launched into one of their biggest hits, “Help I’m Alive.”

Metric know their way around a festival stage, having played many events of this size in the past, and the set list reflected the fact that they know how to please a crowd. “Synthetica” and “Breathing Underwater” (which features my all-time favorite Metric lyric, “Is this my life?”) were folded between fan favorites “Sick Muse,” “Dead Disco” and the heart-rending acoustic closer, “Gimme Sympathy.”

My only complaint? They didn’t play “Stadium Love,” which I think would have sounded perfect in this setting. But if that’s the only thing I can come up with to gripe about tonight, I think we can call it a successful close to quite the memorable event.

Metric set list:

Artificial Nocturne
Youth Without Youth
Speed the Collapse
Dreams So Real
Help I’m Alive
Breathing Underwater
Sick Muse
Dead Disco
Gold Guns Girls

Gimme Sympathy

Slideshow: Metric at Rock the Garden

Slideshow: Scenes from Rock the Garden

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  • Low
    Low at Rock the Garden MPR Photo / Nate Ryan
  • Jack Paar

    It was the first time I saw Low and the last time I will ever see them. WTF was that??

    • Matthew St-Germain

      Good to see you over here posting the same poo smear, Jack. How are you making it through the nights?

      • Jack Paar

        This must be one of the members of Low. Kind of looks like the drummer. Quite wasting your time defending. They sucked! First time and the last time i will listen to them.
        Your wasting my time St James!

      • Jack Paar

        Were you at the show? It appears you weren’t even there. Why wouldn’t one of Low’s biggest fans not show up?

        • Matthew St-Germain

          1) The Litmus Test of being a fan of a band is not going to every show they play.
          2) I don’t have $55 to see Low amongst a swath of fucking people. I wasn’t a highly successful child actor, such as yourself.

          3) I book gigs, I don’t “go” to them. I’m a spoiled brat, too.

          4) I was busy humping your wife.

          But, yeah, now I’m seriously regretting not being able to see this, not just for Low’s set, but for reveling in another lame audience being lame. You know nothing about me. I might be into fucking with audiences because I have little to no respect for them or what they think they “deserve.” Doesn’t mean I don’t put together killer shows that people highly enjoy, just means that my goal is to always try and challenge them when and where I can.

          • Guest

            Your really sick. We are talking about Low. I would be mighty careful and what you have to say.

          • Matthew St-Germain

            You’ve got my name. My words are associated with my name. You’ve magically remove your name, Jack Paar, from your words. I’ve nothing to be ashamed of. I’m speaking the truth to ignorance. If you’d like to get violent and retributive because of that, that is your choice. I don’t care either way. I can handle myself just fine.

            As for being in psychology, yes, I am. I’m a researcher, not a therapist. I make no claims that how I’ve gone about this would be justified under Rogerian principles, because 1) I don’t care, and 2) How you’ve all presented your arguments/opinions has been with a complete lack of respect for the artists themselves. You certainly can dish it out, but just a smudge of it coming back at you, and you’re all of a sudden a victim? How cute. Take your ball and go home.

          • Guest

            Humm! On your profile it says you are in mental health.

          • Guest

            That’s funny! I’m not married.:)))

      • Guest

        It is great to see you are at least a big supporter of Gay marriage. Sorry I am not a Low fan and wish you the best.

  • Ben

    Low was terrible—the Current needs to stop making excuses for Low’s major FU to Rock the Garden and the audience–I don’t want to hear another Low song played on The Current for the next year and will change the station everytime I do.
    Metric made it worth my money-thanks!

  • FunkyMF

    The current owes me 10 bucks for Lows performance. Garbage.

  • sgcina

    Low was terrible. What an arrogant performance.

  • Stef Landers

    Low was exactly who they are. Amazing. If you don’t like it stay home, come late or go to the bathroom.

  • Why are we wasting predator drones on terrorists when Low lives right in this country?

    • Matthew St-Germain

      You’re a terrible human being. Your unwarranted privilege is only outmatched by how much of a piece of human garbage you are. Not funny. What is laughable? Your taste in everything.

    • Peter Coulter

      Perhaps because terrorists cause death and destruction and Low brings intense beauty into the world.

      • Peter Coulter

        To your point, you and 5 anonymous others live in this country…

  • Jake Ritzman

    I don’t even dislike Low, some of their albums are great… I don’t even dislike ambient or drone, but that was kinda lame of them, it’s like they didn’t even try to make it engaging at all and seemed like a pretty half-assed performance.

    • Matthew St-Germain

      They forgot the Butoh dancers. True, usually they shoot bottle rockets out of their asses at the audience for this song, to liven up the stage energy, so it matches how they regularly play their songs. All hopping up and all around during their sets, because that’s what music is clearly about: Moving to and fro frenetically to somber, sedated music.

  • Mary

    Only reason we spent money on the VIP tix was for bathroom and parking. I get “go with the flow” for garage band, but the cops attitude of “oh well, sit in your car for in line for an hour” while people enjoy Dan Deacon suuucked. We missed his whole damn set. 9:00pm the bathrooms were out of order.

    • Mr. X

      I believe this was the biggest FU of the night. Even a day later, no one from RTG has bothered to explain what happened and how they would handle it differently next year. I encourage everyone to avoid the VIP tickets… these were the biggest waste of money I’ve spent in years (and as someone who collects KISS memorabilia, I waste a lot of money). Sight-lines are limited, the sound was minimal and awful, the food was (subjectively) blah, and at least this year, buying these tickets meant your pre-paid parking space was “conditional/delayed,” with no timely information on what our alternatives were (the people blocking the entrance were friendly, but had NO idea what was going on).

  • current@troy-amy.com

    Love Low. Still do, but what they did yesterday sucked. They crapped on their biggest supporters…the Current and the audience.

    • Matthew St-Germain

      Their biggest supporters would easily know that this is a track off of The Curtain Hits The Cast. Came out 17 years ago. You clearly are not one of those people.

    • Mr. X

      Clearly you are unfamiliar with avant-garde art. Had they truly crapped on their biggest supporters, they would have truly crapped on their biggest supporters. Trust me… there’s a difference.

  • Mr. X

    As a fan of drone music ( yes, it’s a genre that’s been around for a lonnnnng time – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drone_music ), I thought Low’s set was fantastic. While I don’t fault anyone for deciding they don’t like the genre, it most certainly wasn’t arrogant nor an FU to anyone (except, give the one lone vocal line, maybe our government?). Nevertheless, the irony that people are pissed that an experimental music genre was performed at a modern art museum does crack me up.

    I also second Mary’s frustration with the parking. Dan Deacon was the main person I wanted to see, and wasn’t able to, because we were blocked from parking in the garage. There was no announcement that I saw on the Rock the Garden FB page (where the ticket suggested we find the latest announcements) regarding alternative parking arrangements… so we just sat there, waiting in the street, missing the music. Now THAT was an FU to those of us who decided to pay for the VIP ticket.

    • Dave M

      If all they did was drone music then no one have the right to be pissed, but that is not what they play of their music on the Current. If that had been an element of their set but not all of it fine but to play only 27 minutes and nothing but drone that’s BS. I’ll bet when the current booked them it was not with expectation that they would not try to alienate the audience. Yeah it’s art but it doesn’t mean we have to like it or even respect it.

      • Matthew St-Germain

        So, just to get this straight: The Current is to tell the bands that what they should play should be truncated into radio play format? Well, you’ve never booked a show in your life, and, you smell like sadness.

        • Dave M

          Oh booking shows is the definitive and final answer on all things cool. I’m sure you’ve never booked a band that sucked or a good band that gave you a crap set. It’s fair to say that their set disappointed a lot of fans who had seen them live previously and were hoping to see some of their new material live. Shocking assumption. If I had known it was going to be drone I would have waited and not gone out in the rain to make sure I was in time to see them.

          • Dave M

            Now I understand. You are a “provocateur” a professional provaca… Oh wait scratch that you are a hall monitor at MCTC and an amateur provocateur.

          • Matthew St-Germain

            What’s wrong with being a “hall monitor at MCTC,” a campus that has no dormitories, thus halls to monitor? I do what I want, you don’t know me!

            Anyway, you don’t understand much here, whatsoever. But please do resort to researching me and fire off some more classics, while totally ignoring the beat-down arguments flying over your head. It’s cute!

            See you backstage.

          • Dave M

            There is nothing wrong with a career in the hall monitor business. I imagine it is hard to pay the bills with artistic snark. But as long as you are true to your art that is all that matters.

            What I find interesting is that you can’t fathom how people may have been disappointed with the set. The “set” has been lauded as audacious, brave, blah, blah, blah. They took a chance and left the majority of their audience feeling frustrated or worse. It’s not that I don’t like drone either as I have owned curtain hit the caste since it came out. I just thought that the performance didn’t work in a festival setting. They lost the audience 5 minutes in and I could barely hear them at times and I was 20 feet in front of the sound board. I can’t imagine how Drole it was sitting on the hill.

            You seem to be someone who likes to be confrontational and take chance with your art. We’re happy for you, doesn’t mean that we have appreciate your art.

            Finally the set was not punk as fuck it was just fucking boring!

          • Matthew St-Germain

            The definite answer is being in a well-respected, challenging act yourself, but being a booking agent certainly puts one above a consumer in terms of understanding these issues, definitely. Each further post solidifies that you don’t know what you are talking about. A band tours on new material, generally, but even then, it’s their call to play what they want to, when they want to. All that happened here was a bunch of fair-weather fans learned that what Low does is a bit more broad and varied than their used to. They got upset at something totally out of their control and, additionally, something that they have no right to control. Paying money does not mean you get to decide anything. The psychology of the fan differs across the group. It would literally be impossible to satisfy what each and every fan wants. Festivals aren’t really the place where a new album is played, anyway. No one posts their set-list before a show, ever. If I had known they’d play this, I would have gotten on the guest list. But I didn’t. Oh well. Life moves on. All that “their set disappointed a lot of fans” says to me is that those people’s musical tastes are inherently limited and needed to be upset. The customer is never right and is generally a total asshole. Case in point.

      • Arcadestooge

        Still missing the point. You are upset that your expectations weren’t met, but those are not the same as the band’s vision for the set. Do you really expect a band to come out and play that which you are familiar with, a veritable live jukebox rendition of the hits? Then stay home, save the money and help keep your blood pressure down. I WANT to be surprised when I’m seeing a band live, I want to be witness to a moment of discovery and genesis, not merely exposed to a rote recounting of ideas they are probably already tired of repeating.

    • Ben

      yes- experiment, but don’t do it for the entire set —that is not delivering- make all the pretentious music BS you want about this and its cutting edge artfulness– in the real world, a band that doesn’t deliver to the audience anything but one song in a fun outdoor venue-regardless of its obscure and painful genre – that is an FU. For your sake they should have shut down Low after 8 min and brought Dan Deacon back– we would both be happy. I became a member of the current and paid money for this show because I like music (not drones nor drone) and think it is insulting to subject me to it for 30 min unprepared.

      • Matthew St-Germain

        It’s on a record. You insulted = awesome.

        • Matthew St-Germain

          One day later, I think this is my favorite itchy assed comment. You have got to just be a blast to hang out with.

          “Experiment, but don’t do it for the entire set.”

          You are a wild man! All mixing in some mustard with your ketchup. Watch out for the party animal!

        • Jack Paar

          Obviously as some fans but you don’t have to try to convince people to
          like them Germain. It was not music or art in my opinion at all. You
          have attacked everyone on this blog. It is quite weird! People are making opinions based on their experience at the show. You didn’t even sit through their performance. I have my opinions and the other acts were incredible. I have my opinions and you have yours Matt so keep it as that.

          • Matthew St-Germain

            Opinions are like assholes, they need fucking.

      • Matthew St-Germain


        6/17/13 9:46 AM

        I love Mr. X’s complaint that he was “subjected to it
        unprepared.” Makes it sound like he accidentally saw some German
        scheisse-porn or something.

        • Mr. X

          That’s not my complaint; I said no such thing.

          • Matthew St-Germain

            I know, I just wasn’t going to edit what he said. I know you enjoyed.

  • timtimtimtim

    Some of the comments I’m reading about Low are pretty damn hilarious. Sorry you all got so butt-hurt by it.

  • jwickabdurrahim

    I have no beef with low’s performance I just didn’t get it personally. Were they trying to seem uninterested or is that the way they are? I just guess I didn’t get it. If someone could enlighten me, I’m all ears.

    • Matthew St-Germain

      That’s how they are and always have been.

  • Rita Kovtun

    A non Low-related comment (although I totally agree with Mr. X on that one): the song by Silversun Pickups is Skin Graph, not Graft. Nice review though!

  • Stef Landers

    Best stated by Matt St-G…we were at a modern art museum and in my opinion Low fit right in. When Mould played “Celebrated Summer” (and “chartered Trips” (80s husker du songs) fans loved it. When Low pulled out their oldie from 1996 and ran it past the 14-minute lp version many fans of Low loved it. I would advise those that are upset by Low to spend more time inside the Walker and open up a bit.

  • John

    LOW was fantastic! Granted i was tripping ballz on 2 hits of an RC. The clouds were melting in perfect sync to the LOW set. After about 20 mins even i was ready for something different though. I could totally appreciate what they did. A new all time LOW.

  • Gerry

    Was not able to make it to the show, but tried to catch some of it on the radio. I happened to be driving my daughter to a game during the Low set. Listening in the car (on a pretty decent sound system) after a minute or two said to my daughter, ‘darn it, looks like they must have lost power up there or something, there’s only some weird static on the radio…..’. Didn’t think much about it. Now I realize what went down. Later that night listened to Metric on the radio at home, sounded great, wished I could have been there for that set.

  • Lulu

    I want to no why Metric never plays anything off of Grow up and Blow Away!

    • Peter Coulter

      Because it contains no hit singles and Metric plays by the rules and plays the hits fans paid to see.


    Man…I can’t believe a twenty minute drone is all it takes to throw you f’n babies into a tizzy. To the “guest” who whines about being “subjected to it unprepared”…I mean, is there some exercise you’d have done at home to steel every ounce of your being to withstand hearing a continuous tone? It’s not like you were subjected to scenes of rape and torture with your eyelids taped open or something.

    Good thing you people weren’t there for the band that opened the first Rock the Garden with Stereolab and Sonic Youth…I wish I could remember their name. Just crazy all-out noise with even crazier antics; the woman playing bass lifted up her skirt and pulled her bass pick out of her panties! Keyboards were humped, guitars were abused, skins were pummeled. I think Weasel Walter and some local dudes from Cock ESP were in it. Anyway, it ruled, and probably would have caused a riot with today’s Rock the Garden audience, given their apparent appetite for the weak brand of indie pablum the Current has them eating.

    I’d say I’m surprised that people attending a concert hosted by the Walker, an institution known for pushing cutting edge contemporary art, would be offended by something so benign what Low performed, but let’s face it; these people aren’t there because they care about the Walker, they’re just there to eat some hot dogs and listen to boring rock music. A slack-jawed trip through the Walker’s collections isn’t a high priority for them, and the Walker’s administration knows this, of course; that’s why these RtG line-ups quickly became the diminishing returns we’ve seen in the years since, a few bands (such as Low) excepted. The Walker just wants your money to further their institution, and the money isn’t in cutting-edge (a DRONE, even, oooooooh!) music.

    To all of you WAAAAHHH I’M PICKING UP MY BALL AND GOING HOME types, the heavens are terribly sorry you were subjected to the horrors of a really long drone song, and Low, the Walker and the Current will do just fine without you.

    • andy

      You rock.

    • Peter Coulter

      Sunship Sextet (aka Cock ESP) opened that show back in 2000. Thurston is a big fan of the Noise scene/genre and personally selected them to open, being the legends of that scene they are.


      Ah, did some research…Sunship Sextet was Emil Hagstrom and Matt Bacon (Cock ESP), John Vance (Cock ESP/Wrong), Weasel Walter, Misty Martinez and Jesse Petersen.

  • Faux Paul Allen

    Yadat! This sounds like Low’s set would have been freaking fantastic. Alan and Steve’s other band, Retribution Gospel Choir, recently played a 30 minute song when I saw them the other week and that was excellent too. Absolutely elite song writing immortality by the Low and it’s collective members.

  • Jack Paar

    I guess St Germain is a huge Low fan. Sorry they suck and sorry I had to listen to this noise. A two year old could of put on a better performance Matthew St Germain. IT SUCKED!!! What a waste.

    Lots of great bands would love a shot at playing in front of this many people and that’s all they could do. Give me a Fing break Matthew St Germain! Go put your Low record on with a pair of headphones so I can’t hear it. I am not asking for my money back because the other acts were great!

    • Faux Paul Allen

      I assure you St.Germaine is not one of the members of Low. He’s not the drummer as the drummer is a female and Matthew is not. You’re at the Walker Art Center…what do you expect?

    • Matthew St-Germain

      Ah. You have a severely limited taste in music, Jack Paar. That’s why your opinion is the equivalent of someone who thinks McDonalds is awesome, and “I don’t like seafood,” Jack Paar. Jack Paar, I get it. You’re old and don’t know how to use the Internet, Jack Paar.

  • disqus_x34Mm3sBtA

    I heard Low’s set on the radio, and honestly, it was refreshing to hear something actually unique on the Current. In the last year or two, the Current has become a platform for pretty much nothing but indie rock same-yness. It’s a festival at the Walker Art Center hosted by MPR, people. if a single curveball like a 25-minute song makes everyone whine so much, you should just save your money and go to WE fest or KDWB’s Jingle Ball. I’m sure Bieber would love to have your money.

  • blahblahblah

    where can we listen to the other streams???

  • JB

    “Low’s Alan Sparhawk explains droning Rock the Garden set”

  • Peter Coulter

    I can’t believe that the essence of the performance, the statement that they made, is going completely unacknowledged. The government watching our every move is a-ok but Low “sucking” at a high priced show (which they weren’t the headliner of btw and a price that was justified by a STACKED lineup of 3 excellent seasoned vets and 2 legitimate legends) is high treason?!? I already wanted to die because I couldn’t go and now my life has pretty much no meaning having missed out on the most memorable/powerful/notable shows by one of my all time favorite bands…of the few Low shows I miss, THIS has gotta be one!?! FML.


  • Matthew St-Germain

    My good friend pretty much sums up the entirety of these moronic comments:

    6/17/13 1:05 PM

    what’s up with Picasso’s painting?
    people like that shit?
    you can’t even tell what he’s painting.

    • Matthew St-Germain


      zsa zsa gabored
      6/17/13 1:07 PM

      if you are paying for art you should love that art or get your
      money back. this is how i always get my money back when i go to museums.
      “that art had a penis. let’s get a refund, children.” and then we use
      that money to buy safe, non-penis shaped, chicken mcnuggets.

  • Best Friend

    No wonder why your girlfriend cheated on you St Germain. Your comments should be banned from here. Your one sick individual and you work at the U of M in mental health???

    • Matthew St-Germain

      Classy stuff!

  • Guest