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Foxygen’s First Ave show cut short after Sam France sustains injury

Foxygen's Sam France, right, fell off stage and injured his leg during the band's first song at First Avenue. (Photo by Cara Robbins)

Foxygen’s first headlining show in Minneapolis was as brief as it was dramatic. According to several reports from the scene, the Pitchfork-blessed, performance-challenged band only made it about halfway through their opening song, “On Blue Mountain,” before singer Sam France climbed up onto a monitor on the front of the stage and toppled down into a barrier, smashing his leg and effectively ending the gig.

MPR News program director Steve Nelson was at the show, and had this to say about what went down: “During the first song of the night the lead singer stood up on one of the monitors at the front of the stage. The monitor tipped, and he fell awkwardly into the area between the stage and the crowd. The other members of the band continued to play. One or two of them leaned over the front of the stage to check on him. They finished the song, and then they ended the show.”

In a video that Nelson shot at the concert shortly after the incident, France’s bandmate Jonathan Rado can be heard addressing the crowd. “Hey guys, I’m really sorry,” Rado said. “I think Sam really hurt himself seriously so we might have to cancel the show.”

After his fall, France remained on the ground in the space between the stage and the crowd barrier until EMTs arrived, and was then placed onto a stretcher and carried out of the club. The band took to Twitter shortly after the incident to say they believed France broke his leg.

It’s been a dramatic year so far for Foxygen, who already received poor reviews for their aggressive and taunting behavior at SXSW and had the plug pulled on a tour of Europe so they could work on “the creative health of the band.” Just last week, former touring member Elizabeth Fey took to her Tumblr to divulge some of the band’s behind-the-scenes dysfunction, while shows like the one they played Sunday in Milwaukee have suffered from low ticket sales.

Their Minneapolis show was only the sixth stop on a fall tour that was supposed to keep them on the road until October. The band is due to play a show in British Columbia on Thursday.

Update: Foxygen’s shows in Vancouver and Seattle have been canceled. “Sam needs to have surgery this morning,” the band tweeted. “We will be back.” They also expressed uncertainty about their upcoming Pickathon shows in Oregon on Saturday and Sunday.

In another tweet, they added, “On the bright side, Sam will probably have a cool cane or something.”