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Friday Five: Descending into Curtiss A’s basement


I have quite the grab bag for you this week, with a pair of new hip-hop videos and a new offering from singer-songwriter Dan Israel, plus a clip from this morning’s edition of The Daily Circuit on the local music scene and a mind-bending tour of Curtiss A’s basement. Enjoy!

And be sure to get outside and see one of the many free block parties happening this weekend.

Crunchy Kids

Ok, this has to be a record, because Lizzo has appeared in the Friday Five practically every week this summer. Girl is everywhere! In this video, she shows up at Crunchy Kids’ house to get the party started while delivering a guest verse. The song, “Homegirls,” will show up on the Crunchy Kids’ new EP, which will be released at a later date.

Dan Israel

In this new video by Minneapolis photographer Steve Cohen, Dan Israel performs the title track off of his latest studio album, Live On, while standing at the edge of a frozen lake and crowded onto the stage with his band at Icehouse.


MaLLy & The Sundance Kid featuring Rapper Hooks

MaLLy & The Sundance Kid’s album The Last Great… is the gift that just keeps on giving. The duo dropped the video for the fourth single off the album today, and it features contributions from Rapper Hooks (formerly of the Tribe and Big Cats). And speaking of Rapper Hooks, you can catch him at the Entry tonight playing a release-show for his new All Black Jesus.

Curtiss A’s basement

Gregg Inhofer, a local musician whose credits include playing on Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks and touring with Olivia Newton-John, descends into Curtiss A’s basement—and it’s just as trippy and surreal and amazing as you might expect. “It’s like the waiting room for hell.”

The Daily Circuit explores local music

For a new series they’re calling Local Raves, the producers of The Daily Circuit are intentionally listening to more music from Minnesota and sharing what they love with MPR News’s audience. For the first installment, which aired this morning, they played clips of Hollow Boys, the Ericksons, and Carroll, and brought the musicians into the studio to talk briefly about their art.

  1. Listen The Daily Circuit discusses local music