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Friday Five: Speed’s the Name re-emerges

Speed's the Name (Publicity photo by Eric Elvendahl)

These summer days are starting to slip by at an alarming rate. Make sure to get outside and see some shows this weekend, willya? And in the mean time, here’s a handful of fresh Minnesota-grown videos to help you whittle away those Friday hours…

Speed’s the Name

It’s been a quiet couple of years for Speed’s the Name, but it turns out they’ve been hard at work during their hiatus from the clubs. The sharp-edged pop band just announced this week that they’ll drop a new EP, No Planets Exist, on July 30. Preview the first single, “Holy Ghost,” in this shiny new video by Nate and Angela Mattson.


Yet another reason to love Twitter: It’s the only way I would have stumbled on this new local artist, Oppi, who combines hip-hop and R&B to create a cool vibe for this hot summer day.


Those BNLX punks are on the prowl again, spray painting artwork at the Sculpture Garden (not really though, probably?) and carousing around town.


Low turned up the fuzz for this “City of Music” version of “Clarence White,” filmed for Pitchfork, and now this is the only way I ever want to listen to this song.

Big Quarters

In a video shot and directed by the group’s own Medium Zach, Big Quarters give us another taste of their latest EP, Somos No Joke, and enlist the help of rapper I.B.E. for “Urgent Care.”