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Friday Five: Homespun music videos with lo-fi charm

New Duluth duo the Getarounds (Publicity photo)

Most weeks, the Friday Five is packed with shiny new videos from Minnesota’s best and brightest filmmakers. We’ve certainly had an embarrassment of riches lately, with more and more new directors picking up steam and churning out batches of commercial-grade videos. But one of the great things about the prevalence of video technology is that pretty much anyone with a YouTube account can make a music video these days, and the results from even the most novice creators can produce charming and surprising art.

Today’s Friday Five is a tribute to homespun music videos, smart phone-wielding directors, and budding iMovie aficionados.

The Starfolk

With a new Starfolk album out this month, singer Allison LaBonne produced a simple yet very fitting video to accompany their song “From Above.”

The Getarounds

Acoustic duo the Getarounds (songwriter Dan Dresser and violinist Gaelynn Lea), made this little ditty for their wrenching song “I Fell Away,” and it’s a nice way to get acclimated with this new project from Duluth.

The Drug Budget

There’s an important lesson to be learned in this video by the Drug Budget: There is something extremely satisfying in watching people smash stuff. Gallagher is on to something.

Diver Dress

Ok, it seems these videos were unintentionally arranged from “least creepy” to “creepiest by a mile,” at least if we keep progressing in the direction that Diver Dress takes us in this new video for “Sink.” That Joker mask…


This video was actually produced by production company Beaudry Filmworks, but with the old movie reel effects and lo-fi finish, I thought it fit in nicely with today’s theme. Ruben’s song “Surfin’ Frankenstein” actually came out last fall, but they sent the video over this week with news that they have a big Halloween show up their sleeves this year.