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Friday Five: Mike Mictlan and Greg Grease, Night Moves, and more new videos

Greg Grease and Mike Mictlan join forces for a new video.

Happy Friday! If your day is anything like mine, then you’re itching to get up out of your swivel chair and into the sunshine at one of this weekend’s many outdoor shows. Here’s a handful of fresh local videos to help make the time creep by a little faster…

Jack Campbell

Something tells me there’s a bright future ahead for Jack Campbell, who just graduated from high school (and celebrates with a party and some oh-so-cheesy senior portraits) up in Duluth and is starting to play out more here in the Cities. With Howler’s sassiness and a bit of the Hopefuls’ pop charm, Campbell has found himself at the intersection of indie pop and garage rock. If you dig the song below, you can download it for free on his Bandcamp.

Night Moves

Ok, I think we can all admit that ever since watching Edward Scissorhands pop Winona Ryder’s waterbed, we’ve all wanted to try this, right?


Recent in-studio guest Sombear, a.k.a. Bradley Hale of Now, Now, dropped another moody video this week in support of his solo debut, Love You in the Dark. If you missed his session on The Local Show, you can watch a video of him performing with Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla and Now, Now bandmate Cacie Dalager here.

Mike Mictlan and Greg Grease

It’s about time these two characters got together. Here to perform the track “WZRD Science” off the SNAXXX mixtape, ladies and gentlemen, are Mike Mictlan and Greg Grease.

Vitamin June

Not to be confused with up-and-coming singer Valerie June, this new project provides yet another outlet for the electronic musings of Chris Bartels, best known in town as one-half of dream-pop act Bora York.