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Friday Five: Pony Bwoy, the White Wales, and more new videos

Pony Bwoy's Jeremy Nutzman and Hunter Morley have a mesmerizing new video out this week. (Publicity photo)

Ah, Friday afternoon. Where the hours pass by as slow as molasses in January, and the weather outside seems to get extra-perfect, just to taunt us. Why not slip on your headphones and kill some time with a handful of the best music videos to emerge this week? I’ve heard it helps…

Alpha Consumer

This one came out a few weeks back, but I wanted to to be sure to highlight it because the it reminds me of an earlier era of music videos, like the ones you might have seen on MTV when it was just getting going. Directed by Chuck Statler (a filmmaker best known for his work with Devo), Alpha Consumer’s new video for “The Eat” feels like a flashback—but to what time period? It’s hard to say, and that’s why I dig it.

For more on Alpha Consumer, tune into the Current this Sunday night at 10 p.m., when frontman Jeremy Ylvisaker will share his thoughts on stage banter along with a crew of other talented guests.

Pony Bwoy

I already want to watch this one again. I still can’t tell if the black goop is really falling on their heads—how can they breathe?—or whether it was accentuated with some kind of visual effect, but the slow-motion footage is downright mesmerizing.

The White Whales

This gorgeous, simple little song from a new folk outfit in town, the White Whales, might appeal to fans of early Bon Iver and Peter Wolf Crier. Check out their just-released album, Lakestate, for more.

King Fuvi

Why aren’t more people talking about this promising new MC? King Fuvi first caught my attention a few months back with his song about the light rail, and now he’s back with another topical track, “Are You Ready?,” which he wrote as a tribute to Trayvon Martin.

Kitten Forever

It’s been a spell since we’ve heard new material from Kitten Forever, but that all changes this week. Catch them playing a free, all ages release show for their new album, Pressure, tonight at Hymie’s Vintage Records. The in-store starts at 7 p.m. and will also feature a set by Hollow Boys.