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High-schoolers take over the airwaves again August 25

Bomba De Luz became one of the metro's big breakout acts last year, anchored on the strength of frontwoman Lydia Hoglund and her unique voice. (Photo by Nate Ryan)

Last year, the local team at The Current stumbled across a slew of high-school bands by chance, and a few of them ended up becoming quick sensations in the community (see: John Mark Nelson and Bomba De Luz). We figured there was a lot of talent brewing in those school hallways, so we aired the first ever high-school edition of The Local Show last year on September 2. Now we’re returning for round two, and on August 25 we’ll go “Back To School” again.

On that Sunday’s episode, we’ll play all high-school musicians (or ones who have just graduated and are heading off to their freshman year of college in Minnesota). We want to shine a spotlight on all the up-and-comers that music fans across the state should be listening closely for. Like we said, though, many of these musicians we’ve only come across by happenstance, and being a wee bit older, we’re not exactly privy to what’s happening at high-schools across the metroplex and greater Minnesota.

So give us a helping hand! We’re looking for as many submissions as possible, both physical and digital, to prepare for this special Local Show episode at the end of the month. And we need your guidance on what’s hot and happenin’ in the high-school scene.

If you have music to submit, you can e-mail digitals (wavs or mp3s only, please) to Jon Schober at jschober@mpr.org and Andrea Swensson at aswensson@mpr.org. Please include a one-sheet* in the body of the message.

Post is fine as well, and you can mail a hard-copy and one-sheet to the following address:

The Local Show c/o Jon Schober
Minnesota Public Radio
480 Cedar St.
St. Paul, MN 55101

Important: The submission deadline is EOD Tuesday, August 20.

*A one-sheet is a quick list of pertinent information about the artist or band. Short bio, tracklisting, what songs have swears, upcoming show dates and a list of social media sites. Please make sure you include as much background on your project as possible.