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On a Minnesota music flowchart, everyone is connected

Here in the Twin Cities, we like to talk about how we have an especially interconnected scene, with so many different bands overlapping, breaking up, and reforming into new groups. But it’s something that’s always been incredibly hard to describe, or to make any sense of on paper. Yeah, these bands are all connected, but what does that really mean?

While programming my Local Current shift today, I had an idea: What would happen if I started at some random point in our music scene and tried to string my entire playlist together, with each artist sharing some common trait—a member, a producer, a recording studio, etc.—with the band or performer on either side of it in the list?

It’s still not a comprehensive representation of our scene by any means, but I think it starts to paint a larger picture of what we have going for us here in Minnesota. Much like flowcharts I’ve made in the past of bands with huge family trees like Gayngs and the Jayhawks, today’s playlist takes a very nerdy concept and fleshes it out into a (probably even more nerdy) representation of our collaborative nature. That this could have gone any number of directions only adds to the fun; I already want to do it again with a fresh batch of songs.

(Oh, and for those who are curious, this is what the Current’s playlists look like when they are printed out for the on-air hosts. The songs played by hosts like Mary Lucia, Barb Abney, and Mark Wheat are read off of sheets very similar to this one.)

(Also, I will keep adding new sheets until the show is over at 6 p.m. You can listen here. Ok, enough parentheticals. See you later.)