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The Current Presents: Stage Presence and Banter

Jeremy Ylvisaker, Dave King, and Holly Hansen stopped by to talk stage banter (Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR)

Though it’s not something that we often think about when we’re out at a show, a lot of factors to into making a good concert experience. Of course, the band has to be solid, but what about all of those non-musical things that are unfolding before our eyes? Maybe it’s as simple as a little hip shake, or maybe it’s as detailed as an in-depth, interesting story to set up the next song.

With so many people tweeting from shows, Instagramming and Vining shows, and rushing to their blogs or Facebook pages to type up recaps of their favorite concerts after the fact, sometimes what happened between the songs is all we end up hearing about. It’s gotten me thinking: Is a good live show more important than ever?

This week on the Current Presents, I wanted to explore the concept of stage presence in more detail so I rounded up a handful of talented local artists who could help me unpack this topic. On this episode you’ll hear:

  • Brenden Green of the Goondas, who has earned a reputation in town for being a reckless, irreverent rock ‘n’ roll frontman. In our interview, Brenden reflects on how he overcame stage fright to begin singing in front of people, and how his band’s live show has turned into something resembling performance art.
  • Channy Leeaneagh of Poliça, who discusses the way she approaches the stage and how she’s evolved in recent years (read our full interview here). Channy got her start singing in Roma di Luna, and has undergone a transformation on stage over the past two years as she’s grown into a commanding, bold frontwoman.
  • And three Minnesota musicians who are especially talented and funny stage banterists will talk about what that skill can add to a live show. Panelists include Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal, Jeremy Ylvisaker of Alpha Consumer and the Cloak Ox, and Dave King of Happy Apple, the Bad Plus, and Halloween, Alaska.

Listen to the whole hour-long episode right here:

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