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Down the rabbit hole with another Minnesota music flowchart

Last month, while DJing my regular shift on our 24-hour Local Current Stream, I had an idea: What if I tried linking each song that was played to the one that came before it? Like my own little Minnesota-centric version of the Kevin Bacon game, I was astounded by just how easily I could trace the paths between major legacy acts like the Replacements and Bob Dylan and smaller hometown players—and just how interconnected our scene has become.

So this time around I thought I’d see if I could stretch it even farther, taking my entire allotted five-hour shift to weave bands, genres, and local music trivia into one giant, linked playlist. This one proved a little more challenging for a few reasons—namely, I didn’t want to repeat any of the relationships or sets of music that were played last time around—but I managed to assemble five consecutive hours of songs that relate to one another in some way.

As with last time, I’m scanning in my playlists so you can check my six-degrees-of-separation work below. And for even more fun with nerdy charts and graphs, be sure to take a peek at our Replacements Family Tree, whose branches were explored in part of my playlist today.


On a Minnesota music flowchart, everyone is connected