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Friday Five: Dessa, Actual Wolf, Ecid, and more new videos

Adam Dunn is easily one of the most prolific videographers in the Twin Cities right now. In addition to producing conceptual music videos for artists like Longshot (who we featured in this space last week), he’s been cranking out dozens of videos at a time for his Lights and a Backdrop series. I actually had the opportunity to watch Dunn in action recently, while he was working on a video that will be released in his next season of LAAB, and he nonchalantly mentioned that he had filmed 12 videos over the past 8 days alone. You know, like you do.

So for this week’s Friday Five, I wanted to dedicate at least half of the featured videos to Dunn’s impressive work, and you can watch the entire third season of LAAB on YouTube here. I also rounded up some videos from Minnesota Music-on-a-Stick and a segment from MN Original on Grant Hart’s new work.

Dessa’s disguise

One of the coolest aspects of Adam Dunn’s LAAB series is that he started with a very simple concept and quickly began tweaking it and expanding it into new directions. Dessa’s video is a great example of this—it’s still just her, a backdrop, and some lights, but the incorporation of a subtle, yet dramatic costume change adds meaning to her already chilling song “The Lamb.”

Ecid’s eyes

Most of the videos in Dunn’s LAAB series are still shot in black and white, but Ecid’s video jumped out at me for its sharp use of color, and the way his blue eyes pop in the bright lights. Also? This song, “Insomniac by Choice,” captures everything that’s great about Ecid: his wit, his ear for melodies, and his fearlessness.

Actual Wolf’s ghosts

We’ve already gotten a little taste of Actual Wolf’s debut full-length (due out October 22) with the single “Kerosene and Spark,” and this new video offers another glimpse. “The Lucky One” is much more meditative and introspective that his first single, and I was doing okay until he sadly sang “I don’t feel likeable” and then my heart crumpled itself into a little paper ball and kicked itself onto the ground and tumbled away.

Trampled by Turtles’ bagpipes

There were quite a few highlights from last Friday’s Minnesota Music-on-a-Stick show (many of which are documented here), but the most memorable moment by far came at the end of Trampled by Turtles’ set. The Duluth stringpickers brought out cellist Eamonn McLain (Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles), pedal steel player Erik Koskinen, singer Claire de Lune (The Chalice), and seven bagpipe players to bolster one of their most popular songs to date, “Alone.” Relive that moment via one fan’s video below.

Grant Hart’s rising

Another video that is dramatic in its simplicity. MN Original literally shined their spotlight on Grant Hart recently and captured him performing “Awake, Arise,” a song from his ambitious double album The Argument.